Game and Crazy Lecturers - totally unrelated

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Yeay! I'm finished with Westward III. although I am late from my target. it should be done on Monday but i was so dumb so it had to be today. Anyway, its not completely my fault. the power that be only grant me, well uh, a not to be proud of laptop.
Had it been higher specs, i might be able to play it perhaps in a day or two.

Anyways, whats new today? The usual cursed administration matters. We had come back from holiday to classes and found out without notice that most classes had changed venue. I had to change class twice for being in the wrong class just this morning. I mean, WTF? The least they could do is place something on front of that classes or else dont change the venue at all. I mean, there's nothing good about the new venue anyway. just the same. might as well dont change at all. What I most cant stand was I had to be late for 15 minutes for Prof. AB's Jurisprudence class! Of course this persona is the coolest human being while maintaining his greatness (take a bow. lol) while all of us shuffle into the class. We checked the new venue and actually waited there but some students plus the lecturer didnt know about the new venue so they just stayed at the old ones. While they started the class already, we were still waiting at the new venue. The lecturer thought we came from a class. actually no. but still, it wasnt our fault. So he had to lecture US on being a three quarter lawyer and everything so we must'nt be late and the lecturers should disperse the class early and condemning the administration for putting classes far away from one another etc etc. I dont mind he veering out of topic cos he always gets back on track in the end plus whatever he said is gold (well mostly) coz he's THE Prof. AB. Well it doesnt matter anyway cos Jurisprudence is a reading topic. Plus, final year is mostly like independent thing, so whatever the lecturer said doesnt matter much cos we must study by ourselves.
By the way, I went through a lot just to get into his class. Loved my schedule this semester. I havent had distinguished people teaching me for quite some time. I dont exactly know how long but its been a while. I cant drop my lecturers name for fear of being discovered haha. BUT I did worked for 'Prof. Dumbledore' and had submitted the completed task some days ago.

The second most important thing is I avoided STR class. I initially was in HIS class but I did what i always did when i want something and i made it! so i am now in MR class. Sorry STR, but ure just too crazy for me. How can you not understand that we are already in the only place in the coutry where the system requires us to take double of everything, and yet HOW DARE YOU act like a DIVA. oh well, you didnt get me NOW so I have nothing against you YET. Oh well, I'm EMO cos I just escaped from a NEAR DEATH EXPERIENCE. I feel sorry for the remaining victims though. Already saw STR 1000 pages notes at the photocopier. As if we only learn THAT subject this whole semester. well good luck reading people!

Well thats life. you got medium lecturer all the times, crazy ones almost equal but the great ones well just a bit. I had PSYCOPATH lecturer last semester. even my MOTHER agreed (my parents always disagree with me) and even offered RM50 for re-checking should i ever flunked that subject. that one didnt even come to class but thats not an excuse for that one not to mark our paper and impose his/her expectation as if we all aspire to be the textbook author. I got C for that one. I cant start on this one. its going to be never ending story.
We had some lawyers teaching us practical subjects this semester. One guy said he will bar us from examination for three times absence. Wargh! so crazy! the ordinary minimum requirement was seven (i guess) but no, he had to had three. BTW, WILL I GET AN A FOR ATTENDING YOUR CLASS? (well, its not like aku ni kaki ponteng tapi memang takleh blah la bile lecturer nak DIVA-DIVA ni).

I JUST DONT GET IT. these people they dont understand. out there, not many people have all the time in the world to investigate why your CGPA is below 3 etc. they wont understand when we said we had to do extra works. more classes than ordinary law students at other institutions. we had to study more. we are graded on those subjects. we dont complaint on learning extra knowledge. we just want them not to burden us more than necessary. some lecturers even checked our notes (like in high school), ordered us to buy new statutes just because we own handphones, and watch what we wear. We want to be lawyers not some crazy people like THEM. So, just get done with it already. dont you had enough already? just let us study peacefully so that we can take care of our CGPA because now thats what matters. Well maybe when people start checking how we handle our financial, our notes, our attendance and our books to land us a job then we can focus on that.

I said all this because its true. I saw law firms vacancies for chambering/attachment students in front of Student Affairs Div. They wanted people with certain CGPA to apply. Its true also that big firms will check your CGPA before accepting you. this is relevant because CGPA signify your performance without having to check in detail. CGPA entitles you for an interview with big firms. now thats when they will have time to analyze. but not before that. kapische?

Happy New Year @ Maal Hijrah

Monday, December 29, 2008

Today is 1st Muharram 1430. the first day in the Muslim Lunar Calendar. Muharram is one of the four months of the year in which fighting is prohibited. the word is derived from the word ‘haram’ = forbidden. So, I guess this month we must not pick a fight with anyone and people, do not pick a fight with me Anyway i'm taking the opportunity to wish all of you a Happy New Year 1 Muharram 1430. and yeah, Happy New Year 1 Jan 2009. lets practice writing '2009' from now. haha. and btw, happy fasting to those who decided to observe Asyura.
Last year, we had eclipse (sun and moon became parallel to one another) hence we had our new year on the same day as Gregorian new year. Now the cycle wasnt parallel anymore hence we celebrate earlier coz the moon works faster. well, just so u know!

Maal Hijrah means migration. On this day, Muslims commemorate the Prophet S.A.W 's victory that was symbolize by the migration from Makkah to Madinah on the year 622 A.D. The Migration symbolize the beginning of Islamic Era where Madinah became the first Islamic State in the world with the first perfect and written constitution regulating the state containing detailed discussion of the prerogatives and obligations of the ruler as well as other immediate requirements, including a kind of social insurance for the needy, and where the Prophet S.A.W was the leader/ruler of the state. Maal Hijrah also means migrating from something bad towards goodness. Hence we can also take up the opprtunity towards betterment of our self.

This year, i'm trying to live healthily. I dont want to jinxed my budding healthy lifestyle by elaborating here. Lets wait until I am so used to it and comfortable of discussing it. Lets just say after a few things done, I feel a lot better mentally and physically. what a good way to start a new year. very positive of me! hope i inspire people. haha.

Forgotten Lands - First Colony (PC Game)

Sunday, December 21, 2008

I decided yesterday that i want to play games on my not so free day. Psychologically speaking, I want to do something that i can actually finish. So I played three games. Finished two of em and the above pics are the Third game that I still havent finished which made me like it very much and made me write about it here. Forgotten Lands - First Colony is a Real Time Strategy game with beautiful graphics. There are many stages to complete (so far i've reached level 31). Each stages are set with different goals. some goals are very challenging that i failed once and had to start over (the same level, of course). To summarise it, it is the simpler version of the Age of Empires.
The cons is, I finished each goals too soon and didnt get to appreciate my finished 'town'. Anyway, as u play along, u shall unlock all the bonus stages one by one. However, i suggest u finished all quests before began playing the Bonus Stages as the Quests actually trained you for the Bonus Stages. I enjoyed playing the game,
shikashi I still like Westward I and Westward II better. Nevertheless, Forgotten Lands is still the best compared to any games of its type (other than Westwards). Well, I've provided the links for further info on the games. So feel free to check it out. Other than that, this game is so easy that an 8 year old could play it.

Codename: Makan

Friday, December 19, 2008

Memandangkan aku bleh pegi mane2 sesuke hati aku dan bile2 mase yg aku suke, aku membuat keputusan untuk merealisasikan rancangan2 aku untuk makan di kedai2 yg aku dah buat mental note nak makan suatu hari nanti. Siang hari di UIA time cuti agak bosan bagi aku jadi aku menceriakan suasana dengan merancang menu harian. ahaks. Jadi aku tak bosan dah.

Restoran #1:
Syed Bistro Tmn Melawati.
Star: 3 out of 5
Cleanliness: 65%
Price: Cheap!
Review: Aku dah sepanjang hari tak makan semalam. so balik dari Cheras aku pun drive ke UIA sambil pikir pasal makanan. tetibe aku dapat idea nak pegi mapley ni coz aku selalu makan kat tmn melawati and lalu depan kedai ni tapi tak pernah berkesempatan nak melawat. Untuk pengetahuan semue, kedai ni agak tersorok. aku datang dlm kol 3pm so almost empty la kedai dia. aku tengok cam bersih je. lebih bersih dari NZ curry house. Akupun hairan apsal org tak menghargai kedai ni. tapi mungkin gak pasal dia tersorok. akupun tengok2 beriyani and lauk dia. boleh dikatakan tak jauh beza ngan NZ. So aku cakap aku nak beriyani bungkus. so diapun bungkus, selonggok nasik dia kasi sama aku. pastu aku cakap nak ayam goreng. dia pun kasi chop itu ayam (bahagian yg aku suka) pastu dia tgk cam sikit dia pun tambah lagi. aku dah risau dah, dia kasi aku bebanyak ni mahal ke tak? setakat ni dah ckop dua orang makan sampai kenyang. pastu aku cakap mau kuah campur dengan kobis goreng. semuanye dia kasi in generous proportion. Now this is what i call Indian Style! its not indian style if you dont get big proportion. time nak bayar aku dah kecut dah. sekali dia kata rm6.50. Wah, enam hengget jek? rugi aku tak amik ayam kurma tadi. ingatkan mahal kedai ni. takpe disebabkan aku hepi, next time aku bawak kaum datang.

Restoran #2:
Kedai Nasi Lemak Marvelous-
Nasi Kukus ayam dara, Tmn Melati.
Star: 3.5 out of 5
Cleanliness: 50%
Price: Medium

Review: Hari ni aku bercadang nak makan double beef prosperity burger. Aku mengidam pasal tengok iklan kat tv. so aku pun drive g McD Tmn Melati. Sampai jek drive-thru aku bapak terkejut tengok harge burger tersebut. dahlah zaman sengkek nih. PTPTN tak masuk lagi. tapi camne ni? aku mengidam! Last2 aku beli gak la burger jek. itupun tak double. beef prosperity burger sebijik dah rm9.50. pergh, gile mahal. Disebabkan aku tensen ngan harge burger ni aku decide taknak makan sekarang. akupun drive ke Kedai Ayam Dara berdekatan. Sape dak UIA mmg takleh taktau kedai ni pasal dia dekat jek ngan Terminal Putra ngan Stesen Taman Melati. betul2 kat corner towards Wangsa Maju. Aku pelanggan tetap Malin Corner, tu pasal selalu tak singgah area ni. aku pun g tengok2 lauk kat sini. ada lauk makan tengahari (aku datang kol 12pm lebih) yg nampak cam best. tapi harga taktau le. next time le aku try. so akupun cakap aku nak bungkus nasi ayam dara. ada dua pilihan ayam = ayam kampung and ayam bandar. Ayam kampung kecik and lagi mahal dari ayam bandar. memandangkan aku nak yg murah jek so aku beli ayam bandar. eleh, lebih kurang jek. ayam gak. dia pun letak nasik banyak gile, kuah, ikan masin, timun, sambal and ayam dlm bungkusan. pergh banyak gile. aku puas hati. pastu aku tanye brape? jawapannye RM6. orrait ah tu. tapi Ayam dara kat Greenwood rm4.50 jek, cume proportion dia kurang sket la. So, nasik kat kedai ni sedap sikit jek dari yg kat Greenwood.

Orrait, ni je a dua kedai yg aku blom pernah try. kedai2 yg dah try takyah la type kat sini. banyak lagi benda lain aku nak wat. roger n out.

Shinigami no Seido (Accuracy of Death)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bought Sweet Rain@Accuracy of Death at our Night Market today. Actually it was the only watchable VCD out of three so i end up watching it. My VCD does not have subtitle. I had to download and sync the subtitle myself. Takeshi Kaneshiro did a marvelous job of being hot in this movie. I basically enjoyed just watching his face. The storyline was OK. I enjoyed the story but quite disappointed by the fact that he did not fell in love with Kazue Fujiki. i could use some cute love story. The Shinigami character played by Kaneshiro was too expressionless. Btw, loved the black dog. I had a few laughs and almost moved (but did not) at the ending of the story. However, this movie entered my movie collection for the sole reason that Kaneshiro is hot in this story. Ahaha. This movie is based on a Japanese novel. However it kind of reminded me of Meet Joe Black (1998). Both movies exploited hawt guys as the grim reaper.
The story isnt too complicated so i might as well not write synopsis as to not be a spoiler.

Above the Rules

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Aku bkan nye ade writer's block, tapi aku skrg tengah malas nak menaip. tapi tetibe hari ni aku rase nak cite kat sini pasal aku hepi dengan gigi aku. aaa? apsal aku hepi? ooo ceritanye begini: disebabkan aku melepak kat uia je sejak isnin lepas (aku ade la wat kerja berfaedah spt mengemas bilik, wat keje research dll) maka aku berpendapat eloklah aku ke klinik gigi. kalau tak cuti memanjang penuh jek klinik tu. so akupun g ah wat dental check up. aku nak poyo sket kat sini la kan iaitu sejak aku sekolah rendah gigi aku mmg tak pernah ade masalah seperti berlubang atau berkarang mcm bebudak lain. pastu pasal aku dah masuk 4th year and tak lama lagi nak grad (yeke?) and dah berzaman tak check gigi. manela tau dah jadi apepe kat dlm tu tapi aku yg tak sedar. last sekali aku check mase memule masuk matric. so doktor pun tanye la kat aku apsal aku dtg hari ni. aku ckp je ah aku saje2 je nak wat dental check up. pastu dia pun check ah. dia kata gigi aku takde masalah. pergghh rekod masih dikekalkan. so aku pon interview la doktor tu: "doktor, ade tak gigi saye yg blom tumbuh?" pastu doktor tu kira a gigi aku. dia cakap "ada satu lagi belum tumbuh". akupun cakap "a? yeke? satu je blom tumbuh? apsal saye tak demam mcm org lain time tumbuh gigi yg second last tu?" pastu doktor tu cakap "baguslah tak demam, apsal awak nak demam plak?" pastu aku ckp "hehe takdela, ingatkan wajib demam". pastu dia cakap "awak tak demam pasal rahang awak besar, org lain tu demam pasal rahang dia kecik ataupun gigi dia yg tumbuh tu terlebih besar". pastu akupun bangge dengan rahang dan gigi aku pasal rahang aku besar and gigi aku tumbuh secara normal. ahaks. maka akupun berterima kasih kat doktor itu kerana membuang mase ngan aku tapi dia cakap baguslah aku dtg check gigi. maksudnye tindakan aku ni bijak la. kawan2 contohilah aku. kuikuikui.
Habislah cerita gigi. other than that, aku jaga diri aku sendiri jek kat uia. aku gembire pasal aku dah boleh tidur nyenyak setiap malam. kalau kat rumah aku tak nyenyak coz aku mmg takleh tido kat tempat yg aku tak suka. fikiran aku pun lapang and hati senang kalau aku dok sensorang diri jek. kalau kat umah dah dekat kol 1pm baru aku bangon pasal takleh tido malam. kalau kat uia takyah set alarm pun awal aku bangun. everyday, aku beli makanan kat kedai depan islamic school. malam lak beli kat mahallah hafsa. siang2 aku g library, office etc nak uruskan hal aku. contoh hari ni, aku g check gigi. cube bagitau aku, bagus ke tak hidup mcm ni? jawapan aku....bagus gile. online hampir 24jam setiap hari. maklumlah wireless dlm bilik. kalau bosan ngan wireless aku g library atau ITD lab. skrg ni aku kat ITD lab tapi hampeh sungguh bau lab ni pasal penuh ngan foreigner yg tak mandi. kalau mandi pun aku gerenti dia taktau kewujudan perfume atau deodorant. aku tahan je la nafas aku. selain dari itu, aku low profile pasal aku taknak bersoal jawab ngan pak/mak guard and kerani mahallah. maklumlah aku kan penduduk tak sah. sebab tu malam2 aku g hafsa jek coz aku malas nak keluar gate malam2. kalau tak dapat masuk balik naya jek. nak pasang lampu ngan gune bilik air pun aku timing gak. aku bkan la paranoid ke hape tapi aku just berhati-hati. kalo ditangkap naye a pasal aku dahla wat duplicate kunci. mau berkepok saman aku nanti. ok ah aku nak g library ah. tak tahan bau kat lab ni. sekian....

Kitchen Duty :-S

Saturday, November 29, 2008

ngaaaaa :S kepale pening being disturbed from my sleep by the annoying sister. i slept at 3.45am and had to wake up at 8.45am. the thing is, once i am awake, i rarely can sleep again. the conclusion is, i will be annoyed and cranky for the rest of the day. already i am annoyed coz i dont feel like doing anything but i had been ordered to cook fish and rice. i said i dont want to cook. but the annoying sister and mother had left to visit father at the hospital and the two rascals is left in my care. if i am too cranky i might just feed them maggi for lunch coz i pretty much will do what i said. however, i am a bit happy that i had the house to myself and nobody will disturb me for the rest of the day, so i felt obliged to cook real food for the kids. so once thats decided, i think i might as well do it right. went online just to find the simplest yet kick ass recipe for fried fish. found one. and then felt like writing a bit so here i am. i might as well get started now before their mother came back coz once she's back the two rascals wont follow my orders anymore. off to kitchen!

News on EPF monthly circulation rate

Friday, November 28, 2008

Members of the Employees Provident Fund (EPF) will be able to benefit from the reduction of the employees’ monthly statutory contribution rate by three per cent, from 11 per cent to 8 per cent, effective from January 2009 wage for a period of two years.

However if members wish to maintain the contribution rate at 11 per cent may choose to do so by filling up Form KWSP 17A (AHL). Once completed, the forms can be submitted to the members’ respective employers for submission to the EPF.

In the meantime, the EPF will be issuing a new monthly contributions schedule accordingly. Members and employers may obtain the new schedule and Form KWSP 17A (AHL) from all EPF branches or download them from our website, myEPF, at from 1 December 2008 onwards.

For full article - EPF - Lower EPF Employees’ Contribution Rate Starting January 2009 Wage.

This doesn’t affect employer’s contribution to the employee.

In an email circulation:

Assume monthly basic salary is RM4000.
- If your monthly EPF contribution is 11% ( RM440 ), taxable income = RM3560, income tax payable = RM77.
- If your monthly EPF contribution is 8% ( RM320 ), taxable income = RM3680, income tax payable = RM109.

Conclusion: If you choose to contribute 8%, you will end up paying more income tax to the government, which will make the government richer. Finance Minister Najib said this measure is meant to boost up the slow-down market, but from this example wee see that the money does not go into the market. Instead the money goes direct into the government’s pocket through the greater amount of income tax that we will have to pay.

How we benefit the additional 3% (not counting tax, if needed) would depend on if/when we can get back more than 3%.

You can calculate the salary in


Back from the wild?

Friday, November 21, 2008

Spent 5 days in Inter-civilizational youth engagement prgramme 2008 (IYEP2) . I had so much to tell, experienced a lot that i dont have words to sum up everything. all i can say is i feel and experienced enough to make up for one month holiday til next semester. the fact is i dont feel like writing. but one of my best friend already reminded me not to forget to write about it once i'm back. well lets start with bad news first: i didnt participate much like i anticipated before. lets just attribute that to culture shock. lol.
Day 1
i was the first to arrive at the JUST office in PJ (punctuality is my middle name. lol). had to wait for some time before everyone and the bus arrived. then it took forever for the bus to move (impatience is also my middle name). then i was so excited to see kuala selangor again after so many years that i thought it took ages to get there. i noticed the driver detoured into KL from PJ then to KS. once arrived, we went into the ballroom- listening to briefing and had lunch. it was my first time seeing Dr. Chandra Muzaffar in person so i was kinda shy to went and speak to him. he was very friendly to everybody though. after that the discussion started. i just dont want to elaborate further on this because i get tired of it after five days. suffice to say that i learned a lot about people during the discussions. quoting Adel and Hassanal 'information overload'. i would like to add 'discussion overload'. haha. i was kinda lost on every topic because i wasnt involved in any particular association and done anything about environment. my last minute application is also the cause that i came unprepared. however, i did come to learn. and learned i did become.
Day 2
one of my best day because i love the activity. i was pleasantly surprised at the sight of the funny looking 'bus' after breakfast:

the bus took us to the Kuala Selangor Nature Park:
i love the park because i fit in so well with the nature and i feel a lot at ease by myself. it kinda remind me of my childhood where i play in the jungle much thicker than the park:
Later in the morning, it rained quite heavily. luckily i borrowed a quite broken umbrella from the hotel (it was the only umbrella from the hotel). so i wasnt drenched. but i feel uncomfortable with the dampness of my jeans and shirt. when we went back to the hotel the rain hasnt stopped. i showered again and changed into dry clothes. but once i reached the ballroom (i prefer to call it brain lab) i got dampen by the puddles. i was quite cranky for the whole day after that that at the end of the day i skipped the Walk to the Lighthouse. i feel unhappy about having not gone to the lighthouse because sight-seeing is the highlight of my day there but when i'm cranky i am tired and its better if i dont communicate much. so i just stayed in the room. later that night had dinner and amused myself with free performances and went to bed earlier than everyone.
Day 3
Feel like i have reached the end of my wits and have nothing more to contribute to the brain lab. feel happy that some people must prepare the solar cooker. so i am the first to took off for the making of solar cooker. now this i can relate to. lol. i pretty much had fun doing everything other than be part of brain lab. but after that had to be back to brain lab. feel sad that it was so easy building the solar cooker. i wish it was more difficult so i can play longer. anyway, i forgot to mention another activity that i prefer than brain lab is eating five times a day. now, i didnt say that i am used to eating five times a day. by myself, i only ate 3 times max a day. but even eating here sometimes disappoint me because the food was weird and when its not weird and tasteless its just plain tasteless. but there are times i enjoyed it too and there are times when they are tasty. but all in all, i just enjoyed eating for the meeting people part. and it doesnt stopped me from eating a lot too. i think i had an addition of at least 1kg per day. today, the highlight of the day was the trip to fireflies park/river:
for the first time of my life i climbed into the sampan. to sum things up, i had a really amusing companions in the sampan and pretty much laughed all the way to and fro. i catched one firefly. i let everyone on the sampan see it inside my hand and after that half-intentionally let it go. i didnt take much pics because it was pitch black and i dont have high definition camera.
Day 4
brain lab as usual and also time to make use of the solar cooker. i had a dream the night before that we successfully cooked fish soup with the cooker which i told Irfan that it means we will not successfully cook anything. it was pretty cloudy that day and we put the solar cooker at the tennis court. i forgot to mention that we practically live with two species of monkeys so when we came back to check the rice that we tried to environmental-friendly cook one of other group's solar cooker was already attacked by monkeys. i saw their hand prints everywhere. later that day, it rained. to sum up, none of us successfully cooked any rice. which also goes to show that trying to be environmental-friendly is a trying journey. plus, costly to be successfully implemented. i'm talking about having a workable solar system in each homes to cook etc.
Day 5
In total agreement with the speech by Dr. Chandra Muzaffar on spirituality. this is the one element of the programme that i can relate to and his speech was the only thing on spirituality that i agreed. however, i didnt participate during actual discussion on this element because i didnt agree on some people's view on Islam, plus we're having diversity of faith here. I purposely avoid talking about faith because i feel that if we didnt know about other people's faith we shouldnt talk about it, when we are of different faith but know a lot about other faith we musnt also talk too much on that other faith either, and when we are of that faith but having not completed our knowledge on it we should not brag...we shall only explain when asked. this is very important because faith is a delicate issue and being careful means to avoid insulting and be insulted back. i was personally insulted when a particular person babble alot about my faith when such person is not even a believer let alone practiced my faith and i noticed that such person was sometimes wrong in facts. i was also annoyed when one person claimed directly and indirectly that such person was a devout muslim that he is qualified to be a wali but in practice i saw a lot of discrepancies in action. Islam embodies the element of humility. but all i saw is vanity. in Surah al-Najm (Verse 32) Allah said, what can be translated as, "Do not complement yourself, He (Allah) knows best of those who are pious."

Islam has legislated a number of rules that a Muslim should abide by when he talks to others, while always remembering with unshaken belief that everything he says is accounted for and he will be rewarded if what he says is good and will be punished if what he says is evil. Allah (S.W.T.) says in Surat Quaaf, (Verse 18), what can be translated as, "Not a word does he (or she) utter, but there is a watcher by him ready (to record it)."

The Messenger (S.A.W.) warned us that talk is very dangerous. In an authentic hadith reported by Imam At-tirmithi and Ibn-Majah, that he said, "A person may say a word that is pleasing to Allah (S.W.T.) and he may not think much of it, but Allah (S.W.T.) will, (because of that word), bestow his pleasure upon him on the Day of Judgment, and a person may say a word that is displeasing to Allah (S.W.T.), and he may not think much of it, but Allah will have, (because of that word) his wrath and anger on him on the Day of Judgment."

Talk can be dangerous. So, we should control it within the limits of Islam, guided by Allah (S.W.T.) and his Messenger Mohammed (S.A.W.).

i feel i have the right to comment on this issue because i have at least some legal background on the Shariah. although some people say education is a waste of money and refused to educate his/her self in the 'conventional way;, at least i made RM26,000 loan for my legal studies knowing that i learned about Islam and Shariah from legitimate and certified sources and once i graduated i shall receive a certification that shows i can talk on Islam more profoundly that people who dont have it. some people may say that this is of trivial nature. but for me, with regards of my faith nothing is trivial. and every little hiccups goes into establishing a prima facie case against 'the accused'. hence i rest my case.

so on the last day there is no longer brain lab but we all sat down to check the 'cover letter' of our soon to be memorandum on the outcome of our five days discussion that embodies our opinions on what should be done to save the environment. i dont exactly have any idea to whom this shall be addressed but i guess its for the government, business org and the public at large.
later that day, we checked out of the hotel and detoured to Sekinchan to see paddy field. i took a lot of pictures there. then we're off to PJ.

In da Holiday

Thursday, November 13, 2008

I'm online now coz i want to find maps to Just office in PJ, to kuala selangor and to de palma k.selangor. me and Sha will drive there for environmental programme of four days. all my best friends seems to be surprised that i am in this programme. i said to fiza once, i dont know what i'm gonna be in the future, perhaps some activist. and i said that because myself is like that. its my nature. what i can do best is to fight for something. yep dats me. and contrary to popular beliefs, environment can be my cause because a) i love nature, b) i grow trees and flowers, c) i dont litter, d) me and my family practice recycling and e) i am sarah and i am nice. haha. so i am hoping that this programme will be an eye opener and well be something for me to do this holiday. i am very positive towards this and have a good feeling that i'm gonna be participative. so i was looking at de palma website just now and saw that the accommodation is in chalets. cant help to think that this is holiday. i feel guilty to the environment already. checked my email and got another mail from organizer. they gave me map but i cant open it in this computer. no hal, will look for maps anyway.
back to my activities while waiting for the 'holiday' = nothing much
i got bored watching tv coz i am not used to commercials anymore. i get annoyed easily. and my fav programmes dont get aired so often. i cant watch anime at animax coz i dont follow the series and get anoyed coz i'm lost. so after a few days trying to catch up with tv i gave up and resort to watching on laptop from my external hardisk. last monday, i got so bored that suddenly i just went to iron my tudung and everything coz i just wanna go out. my bro asked me where i'm goin and i said 'mines'. he told me he wanna tag along and brought his bowling ball and shoe. we went our own ways there but after trying to find FOS to no avail i went to see him at the bowling alley. i got bored just watching so i told him dat i wanna try playing one frame. he taught me how to play, i guess i had no beginners luck. i only got 51 pins for one frame. other than dat is just the usuals.
i finished reading Man in the Iron Mask, Alexandre Dumas last tuesday. i shed a few tears reading that book. Fiza said she cant understand me because i cried for the rarest things and dont cry for what people usually cry at. let me tell one or two things about weakness is gallantry. so if i saw pure gallantry i can cry. that book is all about gallantry. haha my soft spot. and another secret is....i can cry if i read newspaper. thats why i dont like reading newspaper. it just made me sad. borrowed some Stephen Kings and Hemingway from the library. will read it later.

to study or not to study?

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Hark O my dear friends, verily i am done reading the Chronicles of Narnia and verily i was quite influenced by the style of writing but not quite for this style was only featured in a few pages while for the rest of the story it was just like reading bedtime story to children. Nonetheless i was content with the story. Its amazing that while i am still in my exam period i can still start and finish a chronicle. what i meant by 'amazing' is that it is apparent that i did waste a lot of precious scanty times.

Today i went just for fun to check the result of world top university ranking. it was featured on LKS blog. According to

The THES - QS World University Rankings is an annual publication that ranks the "Top 200 World Universities", and is published by The Times Higher Education Supplement (THES) and Quacquarelli Symonds (QS). The full listings feature on the QS website and on the THES website. They have been running since 2004 and are broken down by subject and region.

The ranking weights are:

  • Peer Review Score (40%)
  • Recruiter Review (10%)
  • International Faculty Score (5%)
  • International Students Score (5%)
  • Faculty/Student Score (20%)
  • Citations/Faculty Score (20%).

lets see how we stand in the world:
UM = 230
USM = 250
UPM = 320
UITM = 356

well not so bad.

UIAM = ?????

what? no UIA? hahahaha....well. whatever man. plus, serve them right for many reasons that only we the students know and also for making us sit for exams on three consecutive days while they gave us only three days revision days.

now back to myself. Thankfully for the first time since i was 19 i didnt suffer from my annual exam syndrome that i had to endure every time its exam. somehow my defensive measure this whole semester worked. when i dont hope. when i enjoy friendship more. i was set free. i am saved. the only time i was down was on the Nov 2nd after my company law paper. the straight exams was very stressful and i became emotionally weak the moment i was safe in my room. the fact that i didnt get to eat rice the whole day contribute to that too. and when i finally went to eat rice that night all the small things nearly brought tears to my cheeks...things like watching Amazing Race contestants reading letters from their families.

the straight papers is not without the good side (albeit very little of it) = we will end the exam sooner than most people. i cant wait for the exam to be over. my last paper was on the 5th. planning on what to do after last paper is very exciting. now i just enjoy the planning and leave the workability later. so what i have in mind?
1) to go to warehouse sale with my mother
2) to join environmental programme in Selangor that a friend graciously invited me to (for 4 days).
3) to Penang
4) to Malacca
5) to read Alexandre Dumas
6) to finish Research Asst task
7) to apply for internship in big law firm
8) to sleep all day
9) watch tv all day

okay okay thats basically most of it. the thing is before i can reach into the doing of all that. i must do my last paper first which as far as i myself see...i didnt study the tiniest bit. u see, those straight exams took my sanity away. the last paper would be LAnd Law ii. quite a dry subject if i must if thy hast hearken my story, i shall take my leave and bade thee farewell. must study!

My day at the Warehouse Sales

Friday, October 24, 2008

people, there are 12 pictures here. here's my story: first i didnt study at all for the whole day and i am so dead for finals. second, i went to zara warehouse sale and mph warehouse sale. before any of u kill me for my irresponsibility or out of sheer jealousy that i even went to those warehouses read my further story. the story as u can see will start with each picture starting from the first one on the left.
1) i woke up nearly 10am. around near 11am Sha called and asked me out for breakfast cum brunch. we went muhamid bandung in pasar besar gombak near ong tai kim. sha wanted to taste the infamous mee bandung there. turn out it was delicous but Sha said she cooks it better. well. as for me it was spicy. i ordered roti canai. the food was ok and the price was ok. if you dont mind the smell of raw meats coming from downstairs of the wet market you may try this place.
2) next we went to Giant supermarket to buy my toilettries when suddenly Sha's friend (er what was her name again?) called and told her that she's already at the warehouse sales that we have decided not going for exams' sake. i irresponsibly and single handedly encouraged Sha to go. and since her conviction is already as thin as the skin of onion (malay phrase directly translated into english) we went to Zara warehouse sale.
3) i understand that Zara sold a lot of pig skin lining shoes and bags or anything made of leather. but usually they didn't mix it up and provide adequate warnings so that we Muslims will not accidentally touched it and have to go to all the difficulty of washing our hands with sand and water - the ritual that we observed. but this warehouse sale perhaps out of all the chaos no longer observe this and simply mix everything together. i know its real busy and all and i tried to be understanding. however, perhaps in the future the organizer could have just put everything with pig skin lining at one designated place. u can throw everything with pig skin there, put signs as usual and don't even have to wrap with plastic. its real sad because when its mixed together not only we can accidentally touch it but we may also lose the opportunity of buying the one with no pig skin element accessories or apparels because they were mixed. put it simply, its like putting vegetarian food side by side with meats but worse because it was mixed together. i just hope that this hiccups can be corrected thats all :-)
4) when we're finished with Zara (i had to drag Sha outta that place) we went to MPH warehouse at nearby building. i was astonished to see how big that place is. and all those books...OMG heavens for book lovers such as yours truly.
5) when i was busy looking for every book that i manage to look at (so many books to look, so little money and time) i saw this kid who were playing alone with herself while her mother was busy looking for books. she opened her read umbrella and pretended that was her tent and walk back and forth from bookshelf switching books to read every moments (more like one or two seconds). i thought that was pretty cute so i took picture.
6) i took a basket and load it with any books that catch my quick interest. adding and discarding them the whole time i was walking in this endless space of books. i took some Austen, Dickens and Twain plus some other books. these are among those books that had to be lastly discarded due to money matters.
(7) and (8) well these are pics that i took just to show u people a glimpse of just how big that place is and just how many books there is. trust me, those were just glimpses.
(9) and (10) so we're finished with our thoughtless escapades and its time to empty our bladder and fill our stomach. we found it necessary to set foot on Palm Square (not very sure with the name) just for the sake of marking our first appearance at the newly built place. well its new because we havent been there since its completion. this building was under construction back when we were studying in matric PJ a few metres away and few years back. the place looked like a half mall and half shoplot kind of building. confusing and boring at the same time. so we decided to forgo our plan to eat there because the place was boring.
(11) and (12) : yes, i almost forgot...what did i get for myself? at Zara i bought two socks. yeah just two socks. i took pride in my coolness in picking stuff at this place. well, i dont actually wear this brand's clothes. i basically went there to see if there is any accessories, bags, belts and shoes that i might like which i didnt. which is why i didnt took pictures because its not my zen place. lol. anyway, i am not sure whats the brand of those socks. i think its Pull and Bear. well doesnt matter, its for my kid sisters plus its cute and neat. next, i bought Dumas and C.S. Lewis. ah, i sadly had bought only these for actually i couldnt afford these at all. i had used my Penang fund that i secretly allocated to go to Penang this coming holiday. see you next time Fiza (sorry if ure reading this). the prices? The Chronicles of Narnia was rm15. The Man in the Iron Mask was RM10. Both socks were rm9.90 each. yes thats cheap and how come it affect my Penang fund? well i have to eat too.......

later, we went back and made a quick stop at carrefour wangsa maju for my toilettries thingy that got postponed this morning and ate at McD. we were wasted and now here i am in my room, reporting.......and done.


Friday, October 17, 2008

last nite we had a blast. its a dinner that was planned on the same day. truth is, i received my pay as a research asst. its done and so i submitted it yesterday along with all my claims. i am pleased with the money that i earned by my own effort although its just a small amount. i thought of giving back to people who had in many ways than one helped me going through my life and made me happy. so i decided to host a makan besar for them. they really made my day. i knew that the food was not lavish but they were so diplomatic because they enjoyed the food and finished everything. they complimented the food etc. well, the food was nice but had i had more money i could buy more lauk. i ordered ikan siakap 3 rasa, two telur bungkus, two sotong goreng tepung, one kailan ikan masin, 6 plain soups, 4 sambal belacan and a plate of rice for everyone. well its a fulfilling treat but since i didnt feel bloated so i guess they arent as full as i had hoped. lol. i would love to make all my best buds so full that they cant walk. well maybe when i had real job then. i could have buy the new jeans that i've always wanted but last nite i know immediately that this was worth it. well i didnt want to claim any credit on my action...coz its not like i treat my friends to a hotel or something. its just a gerai makan at the roadside. but they were really perfect last night. most of my friends could have just eaten at more lavish place but they didnt compare that with last nite. they created the ambiance that i had wanted when i decided to host the party. i hope they really for real enjoyed last night and had their stomach satisfied. guys, thank you and remember this my first but aint the last and it will get better if i earned

Fav quotes from How I Met Ur Mother

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mary the Paralegal[1.19]

[To Ted] Do you have some puritanical hang up on prostitution? Dude, it’s the world’s oldest profession
: Do you really think that’s true?

: Oh yeah, I bet even Cro-Magnons used to give cave hookers an extra fish for putting out.

: Ah ha, so the oldest profession would be fishermen. Kaboom! You’ve been lawyered!

: That’s adorable Ted. You’re such a hayseed. The companionship business is the growth industry of the 21st century. You do realize that 1 out of every 8 adult women in America is a prostitute.

: Dude you just made that up.

: Withdrawn.

: Lawyered!

World's Greatest Couple [2.5]

Ted: Is that a toilet in your kitchen?
Robin: Or a stove in your bathroom?
Lily: Oh...that's not just a stove. That's a stoveinkerator! A combination of a stove, oven, sink and refrigerator. Stoveinkerator! Isn't that futuristic?!
Ted: God I hope not.

Atlantic City [2.8]

Marshall: Hi, we need a marriage license but we need to skip the waiting period because we're in love.
: Aaww..I'm gonna waive this waiting period right now!

: Really!?

: Is what I would say if I could waive the waiting period but unfortunately only a judge can do that.

: Oh, so can we see a judge?

: Absolutely!

: Really?

: Is what I would say if there was any chance of you seeing a judge today, which there isn't.

: [clenched teeth] Why are you doing this to us?

: Because you're on Candid Camera!

: Really?

: Is what I would say--

: You know what, we get it.

Monday Night Football [2.14]

Marshall: But just to make sure it records, maybe we should bow our heads and say a quiet prayer to the TiVo gods.
Ted: Almighty TiVo, We thank you for all the gifts you have given us. The power to freeze live TV to go take a leak is nothing short of god-like. And let's not forget fast-forwarding through commercials. It seems greedy to ask anything more from you, o magic box, but if you malfunction and miss the Super Bowl, we will destroy you in the alley with baseball bats.
Marshall and Ted: Amen.

Sate again.......yay!

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

went to our kuliyyah feast with hafiq just now. all my girlfriends was either late and not coming so we went ahead. i noticed that guys dont look out for their friends during eating time. well i dont mean it in a bad way. its just something i noticed. given our friendship i had expected my friend to take some sate for me because the sate place was swarmed with guys. so i went to take drinks and desserts for him instead. but when we met he didnt remember to pick for me. nonetheless, we shared his sate. later they refilled the sate and i went to help ourselves for another round but some guys thought i took the sate for myself. it was quite a lot. thats when i understand that they just dont get it that we (girls) always took food for our friends. i even saved rendang and mihun for Liza. it sure appeared that i ate a lot given all the food that i took. well anyway, i just dont care to mind coz given my fat size its not something out of place even if i do take it for myself.
ah, its not like i am complaining. i've been on the lookout for free sate ever since we came back from Raya break. i just dont know why but this year sate is my post raya food. i dont care if its tasty or not when its free. which is why i went out of character today by attending the jamuan hari raya. that includes the one that i went to in my mahallah. usually, i wasnt bothered by all this.
why free sate? well, its because i am not such a fan of sate unless at certain times when i really crave for it like these few weeks. hence, when i do feel like eating it, i went for free things. plus, its more fun to eat when its free. and more fulfilling. its because, if i do went out and buy it myself, i wont enjoy it as much due to the ridiculous price for a tiny piece of chicken and lamb meat. me...

Sunday, October 12, 2008

so, i finally get over my state of denial and get myself check the final examination timetable just now. oh well, before i started i'd just wanna make a point here that we did try our best to get that gaps between our papers but the rest of you people just wouldnt cooperate. only 70 people signed our petition this semester. hey i even went all the way of getting the consent of all three Trust lecturers including the course coordinator. and that gets me wondering how the heck A&R ignored THAT. i mean, the lecturers even remarked that our request IS reasonable and another one wrote 'students should not be pressured' or something like that! and we/us wrote some students are anaemic and needed their rest. 'sup with that? i hate whoever that made this timetable's guts. and i hate people who dont sign. WHOEVER YOU ARE. grrrr
well of course my courses this semester isnt as heavy as most. whatever that is, at some point of time we will face the same difficulty right? so lets share that bad moments together and forget how less unlucky i am (thank you Allah).
you see, i took seven subjects this semester and one of it does not have final exam coz its only a skill class and its only 0.5 credit hour. plus, i no longer needed to take elective subjects coz i finished em up last short semester which means i had less 4 credit hours than most people.
however, despite not feeling-quite-pressured-since-i-know-most-of-my-girls-and-bros-will-be-facing-a-more-tough-time-than-me i do feel bad and depressed about all this. i mean...three papers in a row? when do i get to study? do these people seriously think i've been studying the whole semester? I DIDNT EVEN DO NOTES THIS SEMESTER. i have no mood for all those nerdy things this semester. truth is i'm kinda lost in space for most subjects especially Trust.

but that doesnt mean i lost it. my sweat and effort still goes for the betterment of the future me. i still have enough determination to read up on my job as research assistant and even wrote a paper on it. i had half a thought that once its done (now its 60% done) i might stand a chance to submit it for master's dissertation on victim's rights. how cool is that? well, i dont think i will. i mean, the outcome for that research goes for the person who hired me. plus, i got allowed to make it as my EAP term paper. i think thats enough killing two birds with one stone and getting paid for it too.

so my finals goes like:
Usul fiqh ii 28/10; English for academic purpose 29th (thats two papers in a row); Evidence and procedure in shariah court ii 31/10; Trust 1/11; Company Law ii 2/11 (these are the three papers in a row) and; Land Law ii 5/11.

and before that, i shall have two tests and one term paper submission plus a presentation. how great is that coz today is already the 11th. do they really mean it when they say the eleventh hour? oh wait i got confused..... its 12th! y'know its 3.30 AM in the morning, what do u expect?
i'm seriously disappointed that our petition got ignored. we even put on nice envelope this semester.
i need a boyfriend to bitch about these things. why i had to blog about it....and yeah, only couples bitch about things to each and woman dont bitch to each other unless they are gays.

roger and out

Hari Raya Feast

Saturday, October 11, 2008

Well it wasnt exactly a real feast. This was just our hostel Hari Raya celebration. the thing is i didnt celebrate much with my people last time so i was actually looking forward to any attendable celebration in campus and yesterday was such. plus, we did went there because we got bored buying food for ourselves and decided to get free food for once. lol. and so, we got there real early (sharp on time) and being such good girls we (us roommates) didnt just sit and wait. we went to help the committee to prepare the food. the food was quite ordinary but we dont care. however, there is satay. we've been aiming that satays ever since we saw it. later, we secure a spot in front of the satay table to ensure we'll get to eat satays. lol. when we finally gets to eat, people swarmed the satay table but being among the first gotten there me and my roomies get to eat em. i was very satisfied because coincidentally i had this satay cravings for a few days already. other than that there was soto, laksa, nasi tomato, roti jala and pulut. after i was finished with satay i went to nasi tomato table but what was left was only the rice and gravy. the chicken was no more. what its only been few minutes. lol. the roti jala was already history too. well thats ok. i had satay! i didnt bother myself with laksa and soto. not my fav choice.

Glad to be back

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Erm, whats there to be happy about? well i get to be in my own space again. other than that, well nothing. there's tons of work to be done. my term paper, my company law homework, studying for usul fiqh test. u name it. not to mention my research assistant job. now that Ramadhan is gone i am starting to feel negative feelings inside of me. at one time i even decided to shut myself out from the world. fortunately now i am back to ok. i think i have some kind of depression(?). anyway, i am lucky that i have resolved all my social problems during Ramadhan. the best month to solve everything. other that that its just a mood swing...well for now. i still havent finished unpacking but i just miss posting in my blog that i stopped unpacking and sit down in front of the laptop. a lot of things happened as usual during the period that i am away but i decided not to bore anyone with too much details.
during Hari Raya, i chose to stay at my first Aunt's house and watching Bleach (anime) most of the times on my cousin's PC. i am glad i brought my bro's external hard disk with three anime series. i still havent finished watching Bleach though. gonna catch up after this semester ends. i stayed away from my second aunt's house because thats where all the action is. all the cookings and visitings happened there. i preferred staying where i was wearing sleeping gear and hooked on the PC than wearing baju raya and entertaining guests and washing dishes and heating food. well i did all that in my first aunt's too but its not as hectic as the second's. plus, i dont like being compared to the cousin and my younger sister who enjoyed staying in the kitchen. i mean hello, everyone has their own specialty. as for me, i think its enough if i can make sure that i wont die from starvation by myself. hahaha this is one of my heated topic whenever there is hari raya. but this year i am glad that i avoided all the pains by laying real low. heck, i still think that in total i am either at par or better than those who liked to stay at the kitchen.
despite laying low, i did joined my family visiting all relatives. i met my grandfather's sister and she recognized me as the lazy one. hahaha. despite that i am proud because had i not been outstandingly lazy she wont even remember me! coz u see, she's really old. but her first son and his family turned out to be really nice. surprisingly they really liked me. he had some daughters who all knew my name and asked about my studies and all. i actually am not sure which is which and whats their name. even that uncle asked about my future plans. this small things made me feel accepted.
the next day we visited another of my grandfather's sister. this one was much older. i was so sad because she thought my younger sister was me. even when i told her my name, it didnt rang a bell. what annoyed me most was my sister really thought that that grandmother knew her. well hello, despite my laziness i used to come to her house and did her dishes once upon a time. she always stopped me but i insisted. thats why she said 'oh this was the one who always did my dishes' towards my sister. and that sis whos always proud of her kitchen loving attitude thought it was really meant for her. i was sad because she no longer recognized which was which. she used to like me very much because i stayed with my grandparent's a lot when they were alive and always visited her. anyway, enough with the sad story. before we went to her house, we went to her eldest son's house. he also recognized me and asked about my plans. he is the village
tok empat. sort of ketua kampung.
i guess its always easy if you took popular courses like medic and laws. no need to explain much. however, all that recognition didnt made me proud or whatever. i felt a certain heaviness about it because this shows people expected something from me. or waiting something to happen. despite my own intention to do well in my studies i didnt really want anyone to expect anything from me. because that gave me obligation. i was actually just happy that there are times when education was given more recognition than kitchen-loving for females. because thats just proved my point exactly. especially when the statement was made in front of my sis. teheee. i mean, why cant the girls in my family do well in kitchen as well as in their studies? that certainly worth respect from me. but so far, the girls who hated kitchen do well in studies while those who loved wasnt as good as the other. takpelah, maybe lelaki suka kan nanti bolehla kahwin dengan orang kaya mana-mana or guys yang boleh support diorang.
as for me, i am determined to build my own future and sediakan payung sebelum hujan. no matter what, i want to be able to fend for myself. its better to be able to fend for myself AND have a support from someone rather that relying fully on someone. we dont know what will happen in the future. Even this world is not permanent.

oh well, enough for raya stories. i just cant help myself. my head just flowing with words (so much for little details. ahaks). so whats up with the above pics? well the first and second was pics of chocolates in Beryls factory very near to my parent's house in Seri Kembangan. i didnt like choc very much but i was meeting up with Geraldine and she told me how she loves chocolates and i suddenly remembered that Berlys was having a warehouse sale so i brought her there during puasa. so while Gerald was busy selecting the chocs i just took pictures because i never seen so much chocolates in my life. lol.
the rest of other pics was taken today in JM Briyani in Alamanda, putrajaya. theres me and sorfina and the last was shamin wolfing the ayam goreng. hahaha.

Goodbye Room

Friday, September 26, 2008

Hmmmm, Raya is around da corner and i am going back to my parent's place this afternoon (cuz now is 2.32 in the morning). I just finished watching a really cute movie. forgot the title already. Anyway, here i am feeling quite blue that i am gonna leave my sanctuary for many many days. urgh it seems like i'll be gone so long. the thing is I LOVEEEEE MY ROOM. cant help it. this is where i really function. this is the only place where i can sleep. no where, not even in a five star hotel room can be the same like my own bed. well it doesnt matter that we change room every year. the point is i have my own space. the whole idea made me comfortable, relax, at peace. anyho, i am so gonna miss my bed for this few days to come. i am so not gonna tido mati anywhere else. haha. so just now, to show how deeply i felt for my bed, i took its picture so that i am not gonna miss it so much. hey, i am not a freak, who ask u to read it here? this place is called RHAPSODY for heaven's sake. i also took my desk pic cuz i basically spend my time in the room either on the bed but mostly in front of the laptop and do my things. i even read lecture notes on laptop and even do all my tutorials on it. hey i think its a good way to save ink and paper. i just dont get it why people stereotyped that when you do anything on computer that means its a lot of work. basically they're just noob. well my desk kinda have a lot of stuff going on there. oh well thats how i most like it so its just gonna stay that way. most of the times i cant even write on it. not that i ever have to write on it. lol. my pillows dont have their pillowcases since i put it in washing machine last night. oh thats another story, people were lining just to get to that machine OMG. but i manage to do it two rounds. hahah. of course, we dont wanna bring our dirty laundry to go to hometown. its dirty.

whats new? oh well i send Raya Cards to (almost) all of my lecturers even the ones whom i didnt think like me very much. there was two lecturers that i didnt get the opportunity to convey the cards. i like both of them. the cards are with me. i just thought its a once a year opportunity and why not i just grab it to seek forgiveness in the easiest way since i am not that apologetic person. one of my fav lecturer thanked those who send him cards but he didnt actually said cards so it might as well be me. ahaks. i did gave a few people cards as well but i mostly targeted lecturers coz i need all the blessings i can get for my final since this semester i was more lost than previous semesters. plus, i did think i misbehaved too much. a few times i let my opinions slipped out of my mouth. i have gotten myself too comfortable when i should've kept my guard. i did sincerely seek forgiveness from my friends too and i really meant it. there are a few people that i cant seem to gather enough strength and desire to apologize. mainly thats because i didnt feel too guilty. but despite that, i do feel really bad coz i know what i am missing. but i just cant. just cant. but if i die today or tomorrow please do forgive me, i just cant help myself.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

I didnt sleep last night. Yesterday i had a land law test at 3pm-4pm. then i went to bukit bintang to check out one of many warehouse sales. came back to gombak before buka puasa. had a buka puasa with Liza in my fav kedai makan. its a fav because for rm25 (total 2 persons) we get to eat nasi and various lauk plus drink and manage to get our stomach full. then went back to my room, clean up, pray, went to basic counseling class at 9.30pm. by 1200am today i am back in my room and decided to have a movie marathon. i dont quite remember what exactly i had watched cuz i definitely arent quite myself now. but i remember watching 'chocolat' while eating cadbury assorted chocolates that tasted like heaven. that was some movie 'chocolat'. 3 out of 5 from me. then i watched transformers! owh dat movie tuned me into my element. i was mesmerized.... 5 out of 5. brought back my childhood. i remember when we were kid, me and my bro will use our swords and fight each other around my grandfolk's house and me shouting 'TRANSFORMERS'! after that for all i know its 4.50ish am. and its sahur time.

and now here i am waiting for subuh. i plan to sleep after subuh to my heart's content.
forgive me of my movie marathon etc....its just i got rebellious after land law test cuz i slept like at 3am day before yesterday, woke up at 5, sleep...woke up at 9 and then study till 1pm...then get ready for land test and went for the test. so there...we got a full cycle! ahaks


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What is ze purpose of life? is it to snatch away power? to reduce fuel price? to gain supporters?

I am really not a fan of politics. But today, i am perplexed. perhaps disgusted with whats happening around here.
I bookmarked one of famous online blog on politics that supports the other side of the fence. I couldnt make sense of what they are talking about. Its too ridiculous. Let alone reading the comments of their posts. Too emotional. Too vulnerable. Too shallow. Too Racist.
Not that i think there's a better deal on this side of the fence either.
so what am i? people who stand on the fence?
No, i didnt think i am just because i didnt support either side. truth is, i am not convinced.
I care about my country. I dont care dying while defending my country. I want my country to always be in peace. to be safe. to move forward. I want to contribute for my country. but not by following anyone.
perhaps, by just being myself. I dont create trouble, issues, just use our time to build ourselves. a nation with peaceful people, educated, happy.
but of course this would be impossible if there still exist people who create issues. so people like me have to react to that. like for example, writing a blog on it. lol.
All am saying, its not that we have to act like dumb and let nature took its course. of course, me myself always stood up for any injustice, always seeking greener pasture. but wouldnt be best if we dont appear outrageous? extravagantly dramatic? (wishful thinking).
i have little respect for people who dont walk the talk. if you dont walk, dont talk. Its better if u dont talk and make people like me worried and disturbed. know am sayin?
someone i know once said 'its better to stay quiet and appear bright when u are actually not, than start talking and let people know that u are dumb'
and a game i once played said 'light travel faster than light, which is why some people appear bright until you hear them talk'.
what im tryna say? ahah....i also dunno exactly. i am not politician whos so smooth with words.

They say, test your trait before testing your fate

Monday, September 15, 2008

Recently, i took out a personality test to determine what field of job suits me best. I was inspired (shockingly) with what i learn in my Basic Counseling Skill ii class. the lecturer mentioned that if we took SDS (self directed search) we can know about our suitable career and also about our personality.

I found out that i am an INTJ type personality. It was reported that famous people with this personality are Marie Curie, Stephen Hawking, Hilary Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger...etc..well not that i claim any credit for that. lol. anyway, what i want to stress is that, this psychology test does apart from telling me what i know about myself, confirm about who i am. I am glad that i know, i am in right track, studying law right now. not that i'm gonna change my course had it been different result. this is just for fun and its based on psychological research.

the test can be taken at:

spend your time reading various reports provided at the result page about your career personality and personality in general.

When u have discovered your profile type (eg: INTJ, ESTJ,ESTP...etc), u may open to read more about it.

another fun test is political performance indicator:

i found out that my political performance would be moderate at 66%. just like what i had expected since i am always moderate in this area. haha

14th Day of Ramadhan

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Its raining quite heavily here in UIA. I was wondering whether we (me and roommates) would be able to buy our food for buka puasa on time. It's quite ridiculous to go out to Pasar Ramadan to buy food when its raining and yet its necessary. i definitely have no intention of buying food from our cafe. no way man!
Weekend is almost over and i have not seen any progress done to my countless works apart from organizing them. Now its organized, but its not done. I mostly spent my time wondering how to complete that tasks but never actually set on doing it. how pathetic is that? At most i only sat there, books in hands, trying to start but later i gave up. huhu
Currently there's a pile of three tasks of three subjects need to be done at least before monday. and its not done! Will i complete it tonight? dunno.
Today, i slept at 3am and woke up for sahur at 5am. After that i spent time in front of my laptop, configuring my blogs at blogspot. I have this intention to be active with my blogger. i went back to sleep at 9am. And when i finally decide to wake up, i cant believe myself that its 3.30pm.
I must be crazy. When was the last time i did something like this? woke up at 3pm? never! I feel like i have wasted my puasa. I went to bathroom and later prayed. Luckily i didnt miss Zohor.
My mind became numb and body slow due to all that sleeping. Hence, another excuse for not starting on homework. erk.
My roommates are currently sleeping. I'm gonna wake em up at 6pm if they go on sleeping and figure out about our food issue. I hope it stopped raining by then.

Roger and Out

So Bizarre

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Many years after my grandmother passed away, I still can’t quite accept the fact that she is lost to me.

One day, while me and my grandfather sat together in his house feeling lonely without her. Suddenly, we found that she is in front of our house. I was so happy seeing that she is back. My grandfather was happy too. He brought her in and we were all happy. However, she do not talk at all. She looked like she always did but she didn’t talk. Later, I realize that she is dead and somehow she came back like zombie. I told my grandfather that we must accept that she has died. My grandfather knew it but he wanted her to be with us. I said this is not our grandmother. She is dead and I don’t know what that come and live with us now. Somehow her body came but it was not her inside. When my grandfather finally gives up, we decided to bury her body that come to live with us. Even though it is painful but we let her go and bury her again. I cried while looking at my grandfather burying his wife. He cried too.

When I woke up I am relieve that the body of my grandmother did not come back and it is not real. I began to accept the fact that she had passed away. I prayed that she rest in peace. Suddenly, I was jolted by the fact that my grandfather too had passed away one or two years before. Looking back at that time, perhaps that dream means I have accepted my grandmother’s death but not yet accepted his death.

Old Dream

When I was nine years old I had a dream that my grandfather died. My grandmother and I cried heart wrenchingly.

When I woke up my pillow was quite drenched and there were tears on my cheeks. Six years later, my grandmother died leaving me and my grandfather. My grandfather followed three years later.

Lost Love

During recent semester break, I had another profound dream.

A police officer asks for my hand in marriage from my parents. He offered rm60, 000.00 as the mahr. I am a person that thinks love should not be the strongest reason for getting married although if there is love it is all the better. Since I do not have any other commitment towards any other man, I agreed to the proposal. I accepted on two grounds; the man looked like he loves me very much, and also because the mahr is ridiculously delicious.

After marriage, I cannot help feeling that he is not the kind of guy that I had in mind at all. He was a bachelor but he is too old for me. He is also not handsome nor is he cute at all.

We lived together in a house. He provides for me more than enough and loves me very much. I kept my dislike for him just with myself. I did not tell him how I feel. I don’t see any point of telling him because I think I can live like that. I don’t mind living with him and I also do not mind not live with him.

I do not know how long had passed after our marriage ceremony but we continue our live together and he worked as usual as detective at police station. Perhaps he saw the coldness in me towards him and never brings up the subject of consummation. Apart from being cold, I did not create reasons for him to be angry with me. I do my duty to his house the best I can. Naturally, I am a responsible person where I feel the people I’m responsible with deserve it.

After some unknown time, he carefully brings up the subject of wanting children. I did not promise him anything but went to have medical check up to see whether I can bear children. Shockingly I was diagnosed with deadly illness that can be transmitted trough sexual intercourse and can cause death to the infected person. They even had a term as a name of that disease that I had forgotten. Weirdly, that disease is harmless to me. I went home and told him about it. He cried and looked broken hearted. He said he wanted children with me. i was moved. I never told him that I wanted divorce but at that time I think divorce is better for him. As for me, I still have no feeling for him but do not mind living with him. But my heart wanted a divorce.

After a while, he went to me and said he will divorce me because he knew that I wanted divorce. He was all teary and looked like he wishes this is not happening. I can feel his love all around me. At that moment I fell in love with him. But not a drop of tear came from me. I agreed to his suggestion thinking it is for the best because I cannot bear children for him. It is better if he is free to marry another less deadly woman.

We divorced but he said he wants me to keep my mahr and the house. I knew that legally it cannot be mine because we never consummated our marriage. But he insisted. I was heart broken because I loved him now.

While I was nursing my heart, I received information that he accepted a mission to investigate something all the way on some mountain top - alone. Somehow I received another information that a van full of head hunters is on the way to the mountain to kill him. I went to his drawer in the house and saw that he had left his gun. I decided to bring the gun to him. I don’t want him to die and I am not going to let him die.

Nobody dared to take me to the mountain top. Later, I found myself climbing the mountain with a gun in my hand. I prayed that I can reach there on time. My heart is heavy with anxiety. Suddenly I saw a white van full of men with armed with parangs and guns. It overtakes me and I was stopped in my track thinking that I will never see him again.

When I woke up, I forgot about the ending of the dream. But the feeling of being loved was so strong and I was moved. I am not that lucky in real life.

Outing gone dangerous

During study period for final examination last semester, I had a couple of adventurous and vivid dreams. I rarely remembered any of my dreams. Dreams don’t usually leave a profound impression on me upon waking up. However, after having some profound dreams in quite a short interval I decided to compile them in a blog. Later, I will also record other vivid memorable dreams that I have long before I have what I write here.

I was window shopping with my grand mother in my kind of shopping complex. My grandmother helps me pick a few t-shirts which I decided not to buy in the end. We just sort of hanging out together.

After a while we decided to go home and while descending the stairs to the dark parking lot there are a few suspicious figures standing. It was a few men wearing militant clothes. Nearing, I saw one of them holding a machine gun. I grabbed my grandmother’s hand and run to our car. We escaped the men who were beginning to run after us.

However, as if that is not scary enough I suddenly found myself inside the shopping complex again with my grandmother. Again we found ourselves descending the stairs. This time I knew there will be militants but we still go on. Naturally, as if they were expecting us this time we did not manage to escape.

We were pushed to join a few hundreds unlucky shoppers: men, women and children outside the shopping complex. There were riots on the street. There were papers flying around. We were surrounded by many green clothed militant holding machine guns. The cars and busses that pass through the area speed as fast as they can to avoid the riot.

Apparently we are all kidnapped to be the militant’s banner man. We are told to hold all kinds of banners for their cause. They wanted civilian to do this because their number were small and wanted to avoid lost of men at all cost. They do not care if we were to die or mistaken as militant. Since we were going to die if we do not do what we were told I proceed with the instruction. We marched to the street holding banners. A bus speed passing us and a few male hostages hops on the bus to escape. When I saw this, I think it’s an opportunity. So I waited for another bus and told my grandmother that we will also jump on the bus. Another bus did come and I jumped on it. However, my grandmother did not manage to do the same. The bus driver mercifully slowed down so that she can catch up. I was shouting for her to grab my hand. She was unable to catch up. She kept shouting telling me to leave her and save myself. Suddenly, without thinking I jumped down from the bus. It sped off leaving us. I ran towards her. The dream ended with us waiting to face our fate for trying to escape.

Upon waking up, I suddenly remember that my grandmother had passed away seven years ago.