Pre Trip of the Year

22 December 2010

I have just collected my new toy from my cousin today. It's a portable hard disk.

Western Digital My Passport Essential 500GB (white colur)

I will not elaborate more. Just read the review here.

I have been needing a new one since forever. My old cliptec hard disk are already full and very fragile. I could lose my valuable data anytime. Hence, this new hard disk. It will serve as a place where I can store important files. My old hard disk will serve as the place where I store mp3, movies and other temporary files.
I am not so sure about the market price. I guess it is around RM200 - 300. However, I got it at a staff price because my cousin work in WD. I think I will not mention my price here as it is not the true market price.

Now onto my excitement of the year which is about to start. As you all probably know already I shall be on holiday starting 25 December. I am going to Singapore together with my friend Liza. Our topmost plan is to go to Universal Studio. Although I really wish we could be there; I didn't pile my hope rocket high that we will actually be there. I checked online tickets three days ago and all tickets from 25 up until 28 are already sold out. We are rooting for the walk in ticket. I have thought about buying the tickets online long before this, the only thing stopping me is the unavailability of credit card. I have no credit card and is not planning to have one either. I thought about borrowing from friends or family but due to high SGD currency rate I have no heart to impose on anyone.
Apart from having the fun of my life, I also plan to visit major shopping places in Singapore and would like to enjoy the special price as reported by everyone. I am a bit skeptical nevertheless;. Due our short holiday duration I intend to make full use of the time we will be having in Singapore. Due to that, I made some research about the place I want to go, things that they are selling and how to travel about. I definitely do not want to waste time getting lost or figuring out what I want to buy in the first place. I found out that things are more expensive in Singapore than in Malaysia. However, I want to give it the benefit of the doubt and see it for myself. I shall come out with my full expenses list and everything that I have done or buy once I am back from Singapore. 
Just a little info to add to the mystery: I spend less than a total of  RM500 for my to and fro trip from KL to Singapore from 25 until 28.
Please pray for my safe journey and return.

As always

13 December 2010

Me against the world...

山崎まさよし - One More Time, One More Chance

06 December 2010

5 Centimeters Per Second

5 Centimeters Per Second. Impeccable CGI coupled with fascinating storyline. Kind of made me remember my childhood years. haha. I just love this story.

Today at work

02 December 2010

Long Call is best summed up as this

01 December 2010

About Me on Facebook

25 November 2010

This is my previous About Me on Facebook:

I am an open minded traditional, modern conservative, negative idealist,practical visionary, loyal egoist, childish adult, old and young, blatant and stern yet symphatize. The most incomprehensible being that I have ever met, is me.

This is my current About Me:

A broke future rookie LA who never pays much attention to facebook chat and friend's updates and fills her facebook wall with Mafia Wars and Happy Island updates instead.

Update: Long Call is on 3rd December 2010. heh. Can hardly wait for the date. It means the end of all the hassle.

P/s: What about my Flowers in the air post that people kept opening it? I feel kinda violated and offended because my other post was not as popular as that. hehe

Post Raya

18 November 2010

My current situation is best summed up by my current FB status:

"three types of rendang, lemang, nasi biryani, ayam masak merah, dalca, acar, bread & butter pudding, chocolate cake, muffins later....diarrhea...okay not exactly, more like chilli overload...and my stomach cant stand too much chillies."

So I felt a bit hot inside my stomach and of course its acting up right now. My mood is OK although quite a few things made it hard to start the day.

First of all I would like to congratulate myself for writing so much this month. It must be because I've got new books which made me stayed up until morning to finish them and somehow it made my mind flowing with words and the excitement to write it down.

My stomach acted up since last night. I was reading Inkspell until 3am in the morning so I didn't exactly was sleepless because of my stomach. I managed to sleep until 6.45am and when I woke up went a few rounds to the loo. Anyway, I warmed some of the food from yesterday (even though they are the cause of my stomach ache) and get them ready to be brought to the office. I tried so hard to figure out a way not to throw away all these foods because I know I can't eat them all by myself (still figuring out. any help?).

I went again to the Big Bad Wolf warehouse sale on its last day yesterday. Everything RM8 went down to RM5. I managed to get Cormac McCarthy's and another. I also bought traveling book on Singapore. Well I know its just across the sea but since the book was cheap and it has maps and everything else to rectify my noobness of that place. I planned to go there during Christmas. However, I didn't save up anything to prepare myself for the trip except the accommodation. I am so worried that I will feel so bad if I went anyway without enough money for my shopping spree. I am still figuring ways to get around this problem though (and the book made me so excited too).

Being random and for the record, I drained my newly bought toner today and I feel that it is such a waste. It was my favorite too. I had packed (throw) everything into my backpack this morning as I shall live in my rented room during office days. So when I throw my backpack into the car boot today I saw that it was drenched. I know I didn't have my water bottle with me so I knew it had to be the toner or the eye make-up remover. I wished it was the eye make-up remover instead. Apparently I didn't screw the cap tightly. I am so down (as I always do when I feel things go to waste) that I can't wait to go to Singapore and buy a toner. It had to be from oversea to compensate my feeling of loss. And we are back to money issue again. WHERE DO I GET THE MONEY TO SHOP IN SINGAPORE is the question.

As Geraldine said (and I know she is bored with my ramblings on money shortage) I am forever with money issues. But of course, I will always be so until I earned at least RM3k. Although I know by the time I earned RM3k it will still be not enough. In short, I will forever have the money issue and people will be so annoyed at me for thinking that I had money issue. In my opinion, I can think I have money issue all I want as the outcome is good i.e always be on high alert on your money consumption. I also believe that I need to be this paranoid to avoid from really being a shopaholic. I mean I love to shop but I always went for the high quality things with good price and I still can stop myself from buying everything that I want.

So the sum total of my morning is the feeling of wastage, money issue and how to go on a shopping spree in Singapore. Oh I forgot to note that I am so happy that 70% of cars are not on MRR2 today! I believed that 60% of KL citizens consist of families with school going kids. Which also summed up that they are the ones causing traffic jams. Which also means somebody should take measures to ensure children safety when they board school buses so that less car can be on the road just to send and fetch them from school.

Now let us go on to Raya stories. hehe. I am not sure how I feel when my 28 year old cousin said he is not sure to tie the knot with a girl who was doing her chambering the same time as me because she is a (future) lawyer like me and people like me argue a lot. Ok basically they argues a lot and in short he thinks we lawyers argues a lot. I asked in front of his mother and mine including my second aunt on why hasn't he made an honest woman out of her yet since they had been together for such a looooooong time. He answered with a question: Why you have no boyfriend?
I immediately know it must be related to the stigma that lawyers either talk a lot or argue a lot or opinionated or all of the above. So I just non-nonchalantly list all of the above for him and he picked 'arguing'. But I also somehow picked out that his mother was not so fond of the girl because she is a lawyer. I feel so sorry for her because I had met her and because my aunt must have based her judgment on me. Because I was so opinionated and live my own ways since I was 18 which is quite a taboo as she is quite traditional and my cousins listened to her. Even my younger brother listened to her on whether he can or cannot sleep at my house when he went back to our parent's. I didn't say it was altogether a bad thing and I didn't say anything about my brother because it is somewhat good for him.
I am the only one in our family network who are going to be a lawyer soon and it seems nobody are following my footsteps. So I didn't blame her if she based her opinion on me. Although I do feel that it is quite shallow and what a lost. Because my attitude is rare even among future lawyers. I am somehow the weird one. It only confirmed that people like them (and there was so many of them) will forever avoid educated women from entering their family. Which is why there are so many delinquents and juveniles out there. Because future husband and in-laws choose uneducated women into their family as they are easier to control and had almost no opinions at all. So these uneducated women will just give birth and have no idea on nurturing children's mind.
Well at least educated women do received formal education and it's proven by their qualifications. Surely people with knowledge are different than people with none. Surely there are exceptions. But this is the general rule. Surely there are difference between children borne by a graduate and children borne by, say, SPM graduate. Surely.
What I am saying is, it is such a lost to my family that my aunts simply had no interest in securing educated people as their sons and daughters in law for the well being of mankind. Its a different story if there is no one else but this person. The problem is when there are choices they simply choose the timid one. It also baffled me when all of them went to universities too. Well I guess I'll just settle with my blog and let out all my opinions to random people as in the near future I shall have a very thin chance to have a family discussion without hurting their feelings because they don't get what I mean or couldn't accept my boldness in stating the obvious. As it is, all my female cousins my sister included didn't get me and while they enjoy calling each other stupid and fat they simply cannot have an ordinary conversation with me because I am so weird.

Selamat HAri Raya AidilAdha

16 November 2010

Happy Eid people. I am so excited to eat to my heart's content at my parent's tomorrow. I have no idea whats on the menu but I am sure I will like it nonetheless. My guess is the food will be ordered from our usual Cik Ida. I was told that for this year the gathering place is at my parent's for all my mother's sibling and their family.
For the umpten time I will have to forget my cholesterol reducing mission.
I have no plan to make a new Baju Kurung for AidilAdha but last time I was in Intrade I met Shahida and Shams from Pakistan and I bought one set of fabric from them. The fabric is supposedly meant for a kind of Pakistani suit but I bought it with the sole intention of making it into Baju Kurung. I don't know the real price if it was bought from Malaysian people but I bought it for RM50 and I am sure it should be at least triple than that here. However, I am happy with the price that I paid as I know the cost of sending it to tailor will be high. I have send it last Saturday and I am told I wont be able to wear it for Eid which I dont mind but shall wear it to the nearest wedding that I am going to attend.
I thought of going back to parent's tonight but then I changed my mind as I want to peacefully read (gnaw?) into my latest haul from the Big Bad Wolf Warehouse Sale. I bought a complete set of Inkheart by Cornelia Funke for a mere RM24 and a biography of Omar Khayyam for RM10. I am quite sad because I had to restrain my desire to buy the whole warehouse since I already spent so much at Intrade particularly from Shahida and Shams where apart from the fabric I also bought two Himalayan Salt Lamps shipped directly from Pakistan for a total of RM27. Shams told me I haggle too much but Shahida always gave me a very special price. She told me that the lamps are expensive in this country. I believe her but I wont buy it if it wasn't because of her price anyway. I went to my parent's afterwards and checked with my mother for her Himalayan Salt Lamp that she had bought a few years back and it was RM100. Anyway, I am so proud of my smart shopaholic habit (i.e buying things I dont need INSANELY CHEAP).
Anyway, take it from me people, until you earn above RM2.5k salary please get all your things from warehouse sale. Sometimes I am quite sad that I had to resort to only warehouses to buy all my things from make-ups to accessories and books but after a while I realized that at every opportunity you can get you should get the best worth for your money. Ok, maybe for things that had expiry date you should get it new but for all other things that dont have expiry date we should get it at warehouse sale or expo. And do that until you know that you can afford to just throw your money away.
Enough about shopping. I just would love to record here that I have filed my papers on 12 November 2010. I am now waiting for my Long Call Date. Unfortunately, I can't know my date because its to be confirmed based on Judges' availability. At this point, I no longer care when is my date since I had tried all possible means to get it within this year and if it still didn't work then so be it. Although, I do feel like I am losing money here because the earlier I can be a lawyer it goes without saying the earlier the increase of monthly salary.
Anyway, I am so GLAD that in the end I had see it through that I finished my chambering (assuming my Long Call successful la, but who doesn't?). Oh after ALL the people that I had met and all attitudes that I went through. phewwwww~
And it is something to be proud of.
Completed LLB, completed Chambering. I never dream any of these back when I was in school. I was so playful and couldn't care less about my results (still are) but I made it. Luck. What do they say about luck? opportunities. I guess I just happened to be there when opportunity came by.
haha. HAPPY!


14 November 2010

One may argue, of course, over whether or not stupidity is a crime deserving of death. I think it is, for it can have exactly the same consequences as treachery. -Capricorn, Inkheart.

The calmer thought is not always the right thought, just as the distant view is not always the truest view. – Nathaniel Hawthorne (1804-1864)

Wedding Research

09 November 2010

I got excited waiting for the coming weeks and months ahead where a few of my friends, best friend and special sister are getting married. Most people have no idea that I love to be involved in a wedding in whatever ways (provided I like that person). For a wedding of those who are special to me, I will share with them all my contacts and information on where to get wedding accessories, make-up artiste, wedding card printer, fresh flowers arrangement etc etc. I also know places such as shops and warehouses for door gift and trays for wedding 'hantaran' (or dowry?).
However, I sometime become quite generous and feel like sharing some (not all) of my secrets with my few readers and I will do so in a short while.
My idea of an ideal wedding is definitely not the same as your ideal wedding. Nevertheless, my idea might be applicable in some parts if not a big part of your wedding.
My idea of an ideal wedding is to have all the best things in the country with the best price. Definition of best price is cheap. Cheap includes transportation cost, time and energy wasted. Best things are the things of high quality and can be used for a long long time. It may also includes rare things or brand that majority people do not use.
Well please do not mistake my idea of an ideal wedding with my dream wedding. I have no dream wedding. Like I told most of the people I met in life, I rather post a big advertisement on a major newspaper with our wedding picture announcing we are married and prior to that just get married in a mosque without any reception than spend thousands just for a wedding.
Oh but please don't be so disturbed with my bizarre ideas. I mean that is just me. You might not be able to pull it off anyway.
And let us go on with our main objective here. Despite my own personal opinion, I do so much love going shopping for a wedding. I can balance my personal opinion with your personal opinion and just enjoy the whole process anyway. Okay, that was a bit exaggerated. I do actually feel disturbed with your idea of an ideal wedding if it is too alien than my ideal wedding.
Oh why can't I just keep this post innocently gushy and purely about wedding without blurring the image with my dark ideas and thoughts.
Sorry guys. Now let us go on to our real objective ( I know I am saying this the second time). Here we go, sites that I like and would really love it if other people benefit from it:

If you are looking for branded cosmetics, home and fashion items for your hantaran, head on to these warehouse sales between this 9th to 15th November 2010:

These are the sites that I followed because of their original and affordable ideas of a wedding:

So thats all that I can share online. Quite a number of my contacts are not available online. I might consider becoming a wedding arranger (not a planner ok) if the pay is right. lol.
Anyway, I hope you benefited from this post and have a wonderful wedding.

With Love,


(now thats rare).


01 November 2010

My pupillage will end in 11 days. I filed my petition on 11 February. My last day is on 11/11/10. Love the date.
Anyway, I went through a lot. My life course changed dramatically. Quite far than what I have planned for myself.
Before, I thought I just want to end my chambering. Then just join public service. Like I said before, I had some jobs that I can push myself into. I already had a home for myself. If I joined I can pay for my mother's house and stay there.
Even if I don't join I can still find a job in my area and still live in that house.
The firm offered me. At first I refused. Right after that I send out my resumes to 42 firms around my area. Although I stated my availability for December some firms did called anyway and asked me to come for an interview. I thought that would be my life for a while. Then unexpectedly the big boss feigned ignorance and offered me the second time. Much as my friend wanted to believe that the last time i was being misunderstood, I know I wasn't misunderstood.
But it was a second chance anyway.
After going to a few interviews, I know this would be the best firm for me for the time being. I hate going to big firms. I never want to go to big firms. If I am going to be a lawyer at all, I want to be so in a place where I can be challenged and learn a lot of things happily.
So I asked for one month to think. My boss gave me 7 days.
I took the whole 7 days. Weighed my options (which I managed to obtain by the way). On the 7th day I submit my acceptance to this firm and rejection with another firm.
I had to move to a room near my office. It's to save cost. I had to leave a place where I am free to do whatever I want by myself and be comfortable and live in a smaller place with strangers.
I am quite saddened but I know it is necessary. By this time I no longer know what is waiting for me in life.
I am quite lost as to the future. But I saw the present clearly. I am now taking my chance and grabbed the best option that I had. All I know is I just had to brace it by myself.

Quotes of the day

06 October 2010

There comes a time in life when you have to let go of all the pointless drama & the people who create it & surround yourself with people who make you laugh so hard that you forget the bad and focus solely on the good. After all, life is to short to be anything but happy.

Think about ME

05 October 2010

People know they are going to die but live anyway.
The same principle is relevant to a lot of other things such as:
  • I know I am not the best student or student with outstanding CGPA but I be merry proud of my achievement anyway.
  • I am sad and feel for the people in Pakistan and Palestine and will do my best to help in whatever way I can but I keep on living as usual and still complaint about restaurant service anyway.
  • I know that I may not be the prettiest girl in the universe but I buy clothes, bags, accesories, make ups etc etc anyway.
  • I have no boyfriend but I dream and made plans of living with someone in the future anyway.
  • Money is never enough but I give anyway.

and everything else that may cross your mind.

The point is:
Is it logical to stop living when calamity happens?
Calamity is there for us to keep on living.
There is no life without disaster. People will be tired with happiness if there is only happiness in life. Calamity made life more meaningful.
So then, are we going to stop living?
Are we going to forsake quality service/things that we thought we deserve because of calamity?
Are we going to stop moving forward and advocate positive but small things that may not help people in Pakistan or Palestine but help made some people who say, went to an Ikan Patin Restaurant in Temerloh be happy because of it's great service?

My answer is no. I will keep on living, be helpful and at the same time complaint about things. I will not be a robot who will only feel one thing at one particular time. No, my life is not like "Oh hey I've got worked to do!" and then I work come hell or heaven until my work is finished or "Ya Allah, bencana, perang.." then I should lie down, cry and be in despair. No, I am like "Work? Ok...hey thats a PC Game...Ok...hey thats!" or "Kesiannya diorang tak dapat makanan sebab banjir...hey kawan-kawan tolong la bagi kenapa kedai ikan patin ni hampeh sangat ha?".

So that's my POV. Beg to differ all you want and can everything. I think I have revealed part of me very clearly.

Probably it's just me. But I feel it'll be interesting if this is my answer to how some people think how some things should be looked at and that is how it should and always will be and that theirs are the most correct method. I totally get their point, it got me thinking and I think thats absurd thank you very much.

lets apply the principle again:

  • People don't prefer/hate the way I think and act but be my friend anyway.
  • I don't like a friend's opinion but admire her anyway.

and the list go on.


22 September 2010

Just got back from Temerloh~
I had quite a fun journey because my master wanted Liza to come along. We just went there to file something at the the High Court. I was excited because the last time I was there for trial I didnt get to eat at the best Ikan Patin restaurant.
So this time, when I went by myself I brought food container with heat resistant bag.
I planned to ask the court staff where is the best place to eat Ikan Patin masak tempoyak in Temerloh. and I did.
They told me its Restoran Pak Usop.
So me and Liza went and found the place. However, we are quite disappointed because the shop keeper including all the waiters are very proud and haughty. We believe it is because they assume that they are famous so they don't have to care about customers anymore. Both of us were quite confused because they were no signs or indications whatsoever that we must self-service. However, being quite a savy eaters we help ourselves to all the lauk. We also had to ask a few times for rice which in the end we went to take ourselves.
We are so frustrated with the service because we came all the way from Kuala Lumpur and went at great length to find the restaurant and were so hungry.
The Ikan Patin masak tempoyak at Pak Usop's is not that great that they can be so haughty and proud like that.
They were not that many customers at that time of the day either (around 2.30pm-3.30pm).
We have been to busier restaurant with way better service right in Kuala Lumpur. I thought people in small town supposed to be more courteous.

Because I were of the opinion that Pak Usop & Co is very poyo to us I didn't even want to fill my food container with their Ikan Patin masak tempoyak. Plus, it was not THAT great. I have tasted better. They didn't even cook the original fresh water fish (ikan sungai) but used farm fish instead.
Instead, me and Liza
tapau Nasi Ayam at the end of Pak Usop's row. It was delicious.
Regardless, we are satisfied that we have tasted and tested the infamous Pak Usop's. Definitely will not recommend it to fellow travelers because they simply don't deserve it. I used to eat at a restaurant at the back of Pak Usop's and it tasted better and had more choices.
Because of my disappointment I refuse to picture the food. Plus, at that time of the day they werent many lauk left.
My friend from Temerloh who was outstation that day promised that for my next visit he will take me to a genuine Ikan Patin masak Tempoyak restaurant near the Hospital.
Admittedly, you may only taste the best Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak right inside Temerloh. Any other place outside it will taste weird (went to R&R Genting Sempah last time and it tasted bad there).
However, in Selangor - Kuala Lumpur you can find anything that tasted better than its origin place if you know where to look.
My wish to eat the food at its origin place is only due to traveling i.e why not? since we are here.
Our frustration did not last for very long however.
For one thing, we are no longer hungry. Plus, we get to sight seeing at a place where we don't usually go.
For me, the best thing that happened during our visit to Temerloh is the RM3 car wash:

It was unbelievable. RM3?!
But it's true. On our way back we stop by to get my very dirty car a wash.
I am so happy that it is in Temerloh, definitely will be stuck in a long queue if it's in KL.
We don't have to go out of the car. I have only to drive into sections where they splash water,

then splash snowy soap,

then enter the 'washing machine',

then some people will dry your car.
You can add RM1 for tyre wax and RM4 for vacuum. But I don't need the extra service so I just have to pay RM3.
On our way back we stopped at R&R Genting Sempah to buy Buah Berangan and exotic fruits. The usual mango and banana are from KL but its sold cheap here. I bought wild mangosteen that was harvested by orang asli and home grown eggplant, some Buah Berangan (memang berangan kalau makan. haha) and some mango.
It didn't cost me more than RM20.
My final say? I definitely will come again because I haven't tasted the best Ikan Patin masak Tempoyak.
Blah la Pak Usop. Memang takda ong la orang nama Usop ni.

News Flash?

16 September 2010

Oh my, can't believe I didn't write here for two months! I refuse to become extinct blog writer. Hm, I usually write at least once a month. Guess life is catching up to me or it got me already. Is this the price of growing up? haha

Whats my news?
  • It has somehow become a habit of not writing in my blog when I really want to because whenever I feel like writing about something I suddenly want to keep it to myself.
  • I am glad nobody (almost) read my blog because I don't feel obligated (much) to write.
  • I decided to watch my spelling and grammar from now on (although I am never good at grammar actually).
  • Movie: Robin Hood is almost...almost as good as the Lord of The Ring. Since LoTR, Robin Hood is the best!
  • Movie: I can't believe Toys Story 3 can be so good. Its a keeper.
  • I feel so sorry for the fate of my ex boss who was kind to me in the littlest time that I have worked for him. May he rest in peace. Al-Fatihah.
  • I want to round up my friends and get them to Bangi and eat at this restaurant that i located last puasa.
  • My convocation is on 3/10/2010 at 2pm. I am just anxious about preparation for my convocation. My photographers are yet to confirm their availability, I don't feel like making a new dress, I am at a loss at how to manage and round up my family, not sure whether we should take our whole family shot there and then or wait for another day, should I hire a convo planner who'll take care of all that? haha
  • I also want to round up my friends at this restaurant. Ok now I cant decide.
  • I stayed for two nights here alone during Raya and only go to relative's house during the day. I actually enjoy it and sleep peacefully. I dont mind making a habit out of it. Please don't gasp at me. I am unconventional. It's just how I am.
  • The news about my ex boss (see bullet #6) disturbed (paranoid) me and I didn't sleep at my home until yesterday since 9/9/2010 (including days spent at kampung for raya). I'm thinking of putting up an alarm system but don't know how much it will cost me. I'm too poor to move out and too comfortable to go back to parent's. The Port Dickson case didn't help either. To think about it, I'm even too poor to get a good flick knife. Maybe I should get a shooting lesson and get a gun license. It's useful with my line of work anyway. How much will that cost me?
See, I think I know what's the problem here. Writing blog took up too much time just to ponder and rethink about things. I catch myself rethinking and correcting my point every time but too perfectionist to just let slip away.

P/S: The down side of having a boss who corrects you for a single dot.


30 July 2010

Yang sebenarnye aku Okay. Terbiasa menulis tentang benda2 yang depress kat sini. sangat ironi dengan tajuk blog nih. anggap je la bila aku tak menulis tentang perkara-perkara yang hampeh bahawa aku sedang biasa-biasa aje ataupun hepi.
Minggu ni terasa sangat panjang. tapi sebenarnye aku hepi. banyak peristiwa menarik yg aku join. malas nak cerita. tengok je la gambar kat fb.
btw, semua orang dah kahwin. harap berbahagia.
aku pulak....sentiasa berfikiran terbuka. kalau ada jodoh adalah. setakat ni takde. jadi aku plan cara-cara untuk hidup gembira seorang diri:
1. Ada duit jek pegi melancong
2. ada duit jek beli benda-benda hobi seperti buku2 ataupun kelengkapan fotografi
3. mengambil kelas memasak
4. mengambil kelas fotografi
5. tido ikut suka
6. pegi melancong untuk menangkap gambar
7. buat benda-benda yang orang yg dah ada suami takleh nak wat...apepe je la...ape yg korang takleh wat itulah yg aku nak wat.
8. membaca buku cerita classic sepanjang hari
9. tengok kdorama sepanjang hari
10. tengok jdorama sepanjang hari
11. tengok anime sepanjang hari
12. beli xbox
13. main xbox
14. beli home theatre untuk main xbox
15. melakukan interior design mengikut citarasa sendiri tanpa disangkal oleh sesiapapun
16. duduk di depan komputer sepanjang hari
17. bersikap sambil lewa kerana tidak mempunyai tanggungjawab sebagai isteri mahupun ibu
18. mengerjakan haji dan umrah sebaik sahaja berduit
19. mengsponsor mak bapak mengerjakan haji dan umrah
20. berlagak kaya terhadap mak bapak dengan memberi wang saku yg banyak kerana tidak perlu menyara suami ataupun anak-anak
21. mengikuti kelas pengajian al-Quran
22. mengikuti kelas ceramah agama dan penghayatan Quran yg best dan tidak berkira tentang yuran kerana tiada yuran sekolah anak2 yg perlu dibayar.
23. melakukan kerja-kerja amal kerana mempunyai masa terluang
24. keluar rumah sesuka hati kerana tidak perlu minta izin suami
25. membeli baju sesuka hati
26. membeli belah tak ingat dunia
27. membeli peralatan memasak seperti oven, pan, pots etc yg sgt canggih dan membuang masa di dapur untuk mecipta resepi
28. memasak benda-benda pelik dan tak sedap namun tidak dikomen oleh sesiapa pun

whoa, aku pun rasa takjub dengan list yg panjang ni. sebenarnye banyak lagi bleh letak tapi aku dah malas. bila aku sendiri baca list yg aku sendiri buat aku sedar bahawa sekarang pun aku sudah happy. walaupun ada benda yang dalam list tu aku masih tak mampu nak buat tapi sekiranya benar2 terjadi yang aku akan bersendirian aku berasa yakin yang aku akan dapat hidup dengan bermakna. walaupun ada jugak perkara-perkara tak bertanggungjawab aku nak buat dalam list tu tapi aku harap ia dapat diseimbangkan dengan banyak lagi benda berfaedah yang aku nak buat.
sebenarnye hidup dengan pasangan ataupun hidup seorang diri. kedua-duanya tidak lepas dari masalah emosi. hidup seorang diri mestilah kadangkala diserang perasaan sunyi dan bermacam-macam lagilah yang agak tensen untuk dinyatakan. tetapi hidup dengan pasangan pun ada jugak masalahnya. tidak juga dijamin lepas dari masalah emosi yang dihadapi oleh orang yg menyendiri. ada orang dah kahwin pun macam tak kahwin jugak. memang kita berharap yang hidup ini lebih mudah jika ditempuhi dengan seorang lagi teman a.k.a partner. tetapi tidak semua partnership berjaya dan tidak semua sole proprietorship itu gagal.
adakah aku di dalam denial? sebab itukah aku berpendapat begini?
peduli apa aku.


07 July 2010

I have this deep feeling or piece of mind that i think i want to blog about.
But...sometimes i feel like there is no use. it might just hurt the feelings of some people.
Most of the times i dont really care.
But hey what the long as i know i dont intend to hurt anyone but all i know is i just have to let this feeling out.
at 2am in the morning of Tuesday it got me thinking that: hey, people can actually count on you for things. but what can you count them on? here you are, throwing up and having food poisoning all alone. you feel like you want to go down, take your car and drive to the nearest 24hrs clinic but you are afraid to go out alone. some names popped out in your head. but you either know they cant help or you feel that you must not trouble them.

at 7.30am you were thinking of getting an MC. you cant go to your legal aid. out of all your legal aid days that you had successfully attended you had to be so sick on the day you got a mid term review. but trying so hard to sustain yourself, you had consumed all necessary medication for your predicament all night long and try to convince yourself that you can hold yourself together until 3pm.

so at 8am you get in your car still feeling sick in your stomach and felt so ill but you just didnt think that you are not focusing and went out until you bumped into the car in front of you. so you said sorry to the guy and told him you're sick, and you're on your way to prison as if that really matter. at the same time you were thinking none of this would have happened if somebody come and get you.
in the end you had to call your supervisor and told him that you dont know if he will believe you or not but you had food poisoning all night long but you still tried coming for him but you got involved in an accident. you were told that you were believed and told you to get a rest. you were just too tired to care if he really did mean it.
so you had no choice but to inform your mother and went to her house and watch her become speechless. you always knew that she will blame you and you being sick is just some minor unimportant detail to the incident. because the most important thing is you were reckless and you had caused so much lost.
so you just keep your silence and then let her vent out until she had no more to say for the time being. so you just walked out and take the car to a workshop. but you had to wait for the car you bumped into to come so you decided to get an MC at the nearest clinic. you waited for one and a half hour for your turn and paid for expensive medication. you were just too tired to argue. and then you hang out at the workshop until everything is sorted out. and you were thinking how tiring it is to be so alone and you never wished to be so.
then the workshop people send you home and you had to silently listen to your mother. and you feel so helpless because your mother gave up on you. in a way you also feel sorry for her because she regretted having forced you to reject all job offers and pursue your pupillage until she realized she had so much to pay for. you also feel sorry for her because its too late for her to regret it. and its kinda break your heart seeing her all worked up like that.
but when the storm is over, you just know that some people will just think that whatever happen to you is just so ordinary. but you just know that everybody got a problem. and you were thinking why the hell you are not entitle to feel crushed to your own problem sometimes. and you feel that it will be so good if people that you want to can come and totally get you and make you feel better. so you go back to square on, thinking the same thing over and over again.
but then you knew that you already lost your faith in them because when their names popped out in your head you didnt call them and told them what happened because you no longer trusted them to be able to pull it off. because you had trusted before. but they failed you. if you cant trust them for simpler things than your current predicament its impossible to trust them with what happened now. and you think why the hell didnt they try to win your trust back. so you just believe that they think you're not worth it which make you further believe that its a good thing you already lose your faith in them.

I'm supposed to sleep

23 June 2010

But I decided to write here first.
I cannot help but feel that time moved ever so slowly on the chambering part of my life. Which is almost my whole life at the moment.
I considered of not practicing once i completed chambering. instead....i may want to do this:

well, i thought it could be fun.

But after a few hours research I think I have to stomach the fact that it is the same as any other businesses that requires perseverance, capital, risk, losses and for sure tight competition before it can work out.
I am not sure if I am disheartened. I think it wont do for me to give up so easily on anything. I know that if i ever put my whole heart into it, anything can work out.
but at the moment my heart or my quite all jumbled up with indecisions.
or I may joined government.
I have received the result for my SPA exam that i sat for last April.
I got one job. But i must go through second stage before i got it for real. Liza said i am born for that job(i'm paraphrasing) but i am not so sure about the physical test.
actually i got called for interview for another job that i have mentioned in my previous post. so we can say that I got two jobs for my SPA.
I read that some people even managed to pass for FIVE job. whereas some people failed again and again.
all i know is...the time is now if i want to start doing anything.
While i am still figuring that out, might as well finished chambering. but why oh why it had to be that long. i know i should be lucky that we dont have to do one whole year....but still...i'm here not there.
yeah i know, i am the one who said that i wanted this adventure.

Btw, the bridal dais and all the hantaran is open for reservations. At the moment I just have whatever that you saw on the picture. the price can be negotiated. I can assure that the price is reasonable and almost similar to other people offering the same service on blogspot. I'm thinking of opening a separate blog for this business, however i am quite busy and it must start somewhere. so here it is.
Do contact me via email (you can find my email on this blog) or just leave a comment.


22 June 2010

Today I discovered a new eating spot. The name is Middle East Chinese Muslim Restaurant. Its just downstairs!!!
I love Middle East food
I love Chinese food
Go figure how this restaurant menu worked out for me :D

The story goes like this:
This morning, I almost died out of shock when I opened my door to go to work when a brochure just slipped under my feet (I usually do that if i have fallen into the habit of expecting nothing under my door). It was an advertisement for the restaurant downstairs. When I come down, the ad is all over the stairs. its on the wiper of my car too.
I made a mental note to try their food whenever I can.
I came home today and felt an overwhelming curiosity.
So I walked into the restaurant. I like an empty restaurant. I have a feeling that given a few more days this place will be packed (there goes my parking space).
There were so many choices on the menu. So I asked the owner whats special for the day. He told me that its Chicken Haneeth. I asked whats that. its chicken and rice. I tried asking for more details but he's in difficulty trying to explain to me. btw, he's from Lebanon. the co-owner is a Chinese from China.So Chicken Haneeth is RM10. I ordered Chinese Suan Mei Juice for a drink. its RM4.
I'am expecting a plate of briyani and chicken. instead i got this:I cant even take the whole picture because the entire serving is so huge. The moment he placed it under my nose I gasped. Its so HUGE. Its not a plate of briyani, its a TRAY of briyani plus a quarter sized chicken. They beat Kenny Rogers price.
I immediately asked: err, can i take away? the owner just laughed and asked me to try and eat it first. I tried. but i only managed to eat half of the chicken and a quarter of that rice (having had a heavy meal inside Penjara Sg Buloh for my Legal Aid program just a few hours before that).
I'll remember to bring a friend or came for two in one meal the next time i come.
OMG i cant wait to be able to tray all of its menu.
They even had all middle eastern desserts sold at RM1 per piece (or RM30/kg).

So, any of you interested in eating here, do give me a call. I'll be happy to join you. Coz i'm just upstairs.
I even told the owner that I'm from upstairs. and he said he'll be expecting to see a lot more of me from today onwards....ngeee :D

I am the happiest person alive.

Brother's Graduation

26 May 2010

I took one day leave today to go see my brother at his graduation day. All I can say was worth it.Before i got to Uitm Shah Alam, i bought a flower bouquet for him. I totally forgot, what do they call 'kekwa' in english? anyway, i'm glad i didnt buy at inside the uni. its expensive and ugly. and i can see that he liked it (and i dont expect him to say that its pretty because he's a man). Later in the day, we went to the studio and he took the pic with my bouquet. he got quite a few from each of my kids sisters and from my aunt.
All of us had not planned to be there on my brother's convocation together. I actually planned to take only a half day leave.My father didnt take any leave. my mother did. my two kid sisters skip school and another sister goes to her short semester classes as usual.But somehow or rather, before my brother come out of the graduation hall, all of us were there. It is quite a rare sight because we dont quite live together in one house anymore. I live in my own place. My brother live with our cousin. my sister live near her campus.
My father and my mother are university graduates. However, they did not attend their graduation ceremonies. back then they were too busy to do so. It was my first time too. but i explained to her about the protocol, the dean's list, the vice-chancellor's list etc etc. btw, i go into the hall with my mother because my father couldnt make it in the morning.
We couldnt see my brother in person except via the screen in the hall. not many family members were allowed into the main hall. only some people who came early got to go in there. anyway, we were glad that we didnt have to sit outside. we got into the next air-conditioned hall.after the ceremony ended, we got to see my brother. his skin is already dark due to his outdoor job. his robe is navy blue and he wore everything in black. I told him that black is not suitable in the circumstances. i did asked about his graduation outfit some time ago. he said he got everything covered (Its so hard when he is so far away. I cant even double check the outfit for him).Then we went to take some pics outside the hall. my brother had with him two friends with professional cameras to snap all of his pictures. I didnt bother to check the model and brand. We were like celebrities and people actually leave our group alone due to the photographers tagging us everywhere. at one point of time all of us conquered the whole billboard as our background without having to share it with othe graduates and families. its amazing.
I wonder if the same effect will occur if i do the same for my convocation this october? haha.
Then all of us went out of the university to go to a photo studio. we didnt want to go to the one set up near the hall. we predicted that the queue is going to be long and the price might be unreasonable (just like flowers).
It was the first time in give or take 10 years since we grouped together as one family and get our pictures taken together.btw, all pictures will be uploaded soon. stay tuned! (:P)
hehe. i just wanna see how it feels like to wear a robe - feels good. even when its not yours. hahaha

Now that i had attended my brother's convocation. I had some rough idea on what should be done for mine. and i had no qualms of sharing it here:
1) I might want to wear something vogue for a skirt (baju kurung perhaps) since thats the main focal point after we wear the robe.
2) I will have to buy a new shoe (thats the next focal point).
3) I will have to plan in detail how to manage my family on that day (from morning til the end, what should they do?) maybe i should get one of my friends whos still in the U to be the program manager? seriously!
4) need to scout for the best studio in gombak area to get our pic taken right after the ceremony as its hard to get everyone together after that.
5) need to make sure they wear their best on my graduation day.
6) need to arrange something with my photographer friend.
7) must make sure that my parent stashed some cash for me so that all of the above can be done. (of course i cant pay because i'm poor).
8) need to get the ceremony schedule before it actually happened. or at least most info.
9) will have to decide when is the best time for other family and friend should come and go.
10) apply for a leave one week earlier.

well thats all for now. i'm tired already...i need sleep...tomorrow is work day!
to be continued!

PErang Mulut

28 April 2010

Whats the meaning behind you chambering life without a real mouth fight over something so small?
I wouldn’t say that your chambering life will be meaningless…but it will be…well...uneventful.
Its not important that you win the fight.
But its important that you stood up for yourself. Cause if you don’t set up your bottom line. People would think that you don’t have any.

I feel like recording the particular incident before I forgot all the details. In fact, I think I had forgotten some of it already.

Anyway, in our firm there was a LA who had just got his PC around give or take three months ago. Remember the one who had left me on the lurch the night before my short call? Yeah that’s him.

Today I decided to go home the moment the clock struck 5.30pm. I had a few ongoing jobs but I prefer to do it at home. There were no urgent files for me to complete. I did hang around for a few minutes until it’s around 6pm. when I had clocked out the LA told me from across cubicles for me not to go home. I decided to ignore him because I thought it was about the only matter that Liza and me were doing with him which I had completed.

But he told PS secretary to call me up and told me to come back.

I came back around 15 minutes later (coz I want to send my shirts to the laundry first).

So I went up and ask him whats up. He told me to wait. So I waited. After that he told me to go to conference room and closed the door.

Then he yelled at me:


ME: Saya ingat awak gurau jek. Nampak macam main-main jek tak bagi saya balik?


ME: Sebab dah after 5.30pm and saya dah pun clock-out.















YSY: (started to slow down) Aku bukan nak bagi ko kerja Puspakom. Aku nak bagi ko kerja BERNAS. Ini Puan yang suruh.

ME: Kalau Puan yang suruh, apsal ko tak jerit kat aku..”sarah, tunggu kejap…ada kerja Puan” barulah aku nak tunggu.

YSY: Aku malas la nak guna nama pulak.

ME: (Seeing that he had slowed down, i decided to slow down too) Kalau macam tu mungkin akupun silap tak tunggu tapi kau pun ada salah kau jugak dengan aku. Jadi ko tak perlu la nak jerit-jerit. Kena ada give and take. Kalau setakat first mistake..tak payah la nak jerit-jerit. Tegur je elok-elok tak boleh?

YSY: Huh!

Me: (silent)

YSY: dahlah, bertekak pun tak gune. Sekarang ni kerja Puan ni macam ni…..

And we started to discuss like nothing happened. But Allah knows how unfocused I am. The truth is I was so shaken. But of course, he wouldn’t see that.

It turned out that it was only a research work that will only be due on next week Monday. Which also could wait until I came back tomorrow. I just don’t want to prolong the matter so I didn’t point that out to him how absurd all the arguments are. I understand that he just couldn’t accept the fact that I had left him just like that. So he told the secretary to called me up back to the office just to assert his authority which I in turn do not appreciate due to my defense mechanism.

Then, after he had finished explaining what was required of me. He said: “Saya mintak maaf untuk meninggi suara” then I said quickly after that “saya pun”.

Then we acted like nothing happened when we were out of the conference room.

Okay, I could have said meaner things than what I have already said. Like “bukan kau yang bayar gaji aku pun” and “eleh kalau setakat gaji ciput macam ni memang bapak aku boleh bayar” or “aku memang tak answerable kat ko …ko tu sape nak jerit-jerit kat aku? Master aku pun tak pernah jerit kat aku.”

But I decided to try to be as diplomatic as I can be first. Besides, I am glad that I didn’t use the mean words. Because he did apologized after that. Plus, the fact that I had shouted back to him is quite enough already. I am quite sympathetic with his huge ego. So I think I had bruised quite a pride by showing no fear towards him.

When I drive back home after the incident. I do regret that I didn’t say the following:

“hormat ni bukan sesuatu yang bila kita minta orang terus bagi. Respect is something that is earned from each different individual. So why should I respect you when you had not earned mine?”

But of course, I wouldn’t have the ability to produce that line in the heat of an argument. Because despite what people think on my answers above. I honestly believe that I had zero ability to perang mulut. Yes, I can state my opinion clearly in a discussion etc. but that was only when the situation is not intense and involved only civilized people. I cannot react quite effectively when people started to shout and say things like ‘kurang ajar’ or ‘bapak kau’ or ‘kau ingat aku ni sape?” and the likes of it. One of the reason is I am amazed at how people can lowered their self-image at that pondering state I am quite tongue tied. I am always amaze at the people who can say exactly what they wanted on a perang mulut.

I am like Kathleen in You’ve got Mail when she told Joe Fox that she couldn’t say what she wanted to say to mean people and she is amaze at Joe Fox for that ability:

Joe Fox: [talking via email to "Shopgirl"] Do you ever feel you've become the worst version of yourself? That a Pandora's box of all the secret, hateful parts - your arrogance, your spite, your condescension - has sprung open? Someone upsets you and instead of smiling and walking away, you zing them? "Hello, it's Mr Nasty." I'm sure you have no idea what I'm talking about.

Kathleen Kelly: [talking via email to "NY152"] No, I know exactly what you mean, and I'm completely jealous. What happens to me when I'm provoked is that I get tongue-tied and my mind goes blank. Then I spend all night tossing and turning trying to figure out what I should have said. What should I have said, for example, to a bottom dweller who recently belittled my existence?

[stops and thinks]

Kathleen Kelly: Nothing. Even now, days later, I can't figure it out.

Joe Fox: Wouldn't it be wonderful if I could pass all my zingers to you? And then I would never behave badly and you could behave badly all the time, and we'd both be happy. But then, on the other hand, I must warn you that when you finally have the pleasure of saying the thing you mean to say at the moment you mean to say it, remorse inevitably follows.

(Quoted from IMDB)

And later in the movie Kathleen had became the mean person that she wanted to be:

Joe Fox: I think you'd discover a lot of things if you really knew me.

Kathleen Kelly: If I really knew you, I know exactly what I'd find: instead of a brain a cash register, instead of a heart a bottom line.


Joe Fox: What?

Kathleen Kelly: I just had a breakthrough.

Joe Fox: What is it?

Kathleen Kelly: I have you to thank for it. For the first time in my life, when confronted with a horrible, insensitive person, I knew exactly what I wanted to say and I said it.

Joe Fox: I think you have the gift for it. It was a perfect blend of poetry and meanness.

(quoted from IMDB)

Actually there is no significant difference whether you said exactly whats in your mind and not saying it to mean people.

So in way, after I sat down and started to blog about this, I really don’t care if I had hurt YSY bad enough or not. I don’t care if he’s hurt or not. I only care about getting through the whole chambering. The difference about me than everybody else is that I had escaped from the mean partner in my previous firm. Therefore, the only thing that I have to deal now…is YSY and he is nothing compared to what I have been through. Without YSY my chambering life would be so dull. And the situation will be a blatant contrast between my previous firm and the current firm. So I have YSY in my current firm to argue with because all other partners and another lawyer is not prone to shouting. To tell the truth, I am quite happy that YSY is quite my own size (in terms of position) where I can be more rude if I wish to be so than I had been with AM (the partner in previous firm). In short, I don’t have to be too respectful.

So, I am still not sorry that I had turned down the chance to attend the interview in AG. and people who knew me always know my scores with interviews. So believe it or not, i can get that job if i tried. But I am still not sorry that I had to go through this, and forget about above 2k per month...with only less than 1k.

Luckily its free

26 April 2010

So i have not much mean complaints about going to a concert. Not much, but I have it. But thats for later. Here's a list of good things:

1) I want to say that...." i know whats it like to go to a concert" and "oh thats how it is" and "uh okay".
2) luckily the seat is here:

hey its free... no complaints there.
4) I like the parking space.
5) its near my house.
6) cant help but like Jac Victor. She's so punctual.7) well, the song does sound better in a live concert. After i got back, i listened to Kelly's song on my mp3 but it sounded so dull after the concert.
8) overall, the concert is just ordinary. I could say worse than that but my judgment is muddled with the free ticket.9) i am glad Nadia enjoyed it.10) I am happy that Nadia knows most of the lyrics.
11) definitely worth it to bring Nadia along. haha
12) definitely loved doing mischievous smuggling for Nadia.
13) glad that its finished before 11pm.14) congratulation to Jac Victor and Suki for good performance. (Suki's outfit is weird though).15) I am happy that the first concert that i went is Kelly Clarkson's because i liked all her songs.
16) Thank you Parkson for letting my mother win the SMS contest.

17) I do enjoy the whole show.(see the pic...dont i looked enjoyed?)

18) How did she get to look so young at the age of 28?
19) She can be funny. thats good to know.
20) quite cool too.
21) I dunno if it was choreographed, nevertheless, i like the way that its laid back or appeared to be non choreographed. the way it moved from one song to another as if unplanned. but the outfit is way too laid back...i we'll see my mean list later.

Somebody reported that there were about 22 Songs that were sung out by Kelly. But I cant confirm. I do feel that its lesser than that. The total time for the whole concert is 1 hour 20 minutes. (all these are facts that i stole from a couple of blogs. I want to link them but they appeared to be die hard fans...considering what i write here...i thought the better of it. lol)

Thanks to Nadia Zawani for the picture.

Song List (in no particular order and incomplete / to be updated):

All I Ever Wanted
Kylie Minogue - I Can't Get You Out Of My Head
Because of You
Since You Been Gone
Already Gone
Behind These Hazel Eyes
Walk Away
Medley: Alanis Morisette - That I Would Be Good (plus) King of Leon - Use Somebody

I'm i know... that i missed quite a few songs. I didn't know whats the title as i am just fan of the songs. I'm sure many of her fans would know it by heart.

proceed to mean list:
1) definitely uncomfortable with the banging sound on my goes like "dong! dong! dong! dong!"
2) the seat is uncomfortable. i mean hey, people actually paid RM338 to sit there. I feel sorry for the people who actually paid. hurt my butt some more due to the long period of sitting.
3) cameras not allowed! WTF? (but we got some pictures nevertheless, mwahahaha) despite the tight surveillance on top of that.
4) I find myself unable to sing along with the crowd...okay this is just me.
5) I wouldn't know how good or bad this concert is however, despite sitting in a quite civilized area (amongst the people with money etc etc) i find myself unable to like going to a concert.6) I definitely pitied our Malaysian singer because Kelly Clarkson can go on stage barefoot and the simplest outfit for the whole show and still people paid minimum RM98 and max RM358 to her show...and sit on a very tight space and hardened chair with no cameras allowed.
7) I definitely pitied the people who paid for the concert because Kelly Clarkson is out of breath on the third song.
8) Is quite annoyed when she complaints about the Malaysian humidity for the second time. the thing is, its a general knowledge that the eastern part of the world is humid and the western part of the world is colder.
9) apart from the sound is better at live concert, i still cant grasp why people want to go to a concert. despite my sitting arrangement...she's still too far away. seeing on TV is better.
10) I think that the people should sacrifice their desire to listen to a live song and donate the money to the poor and needy. RM338-358....definitely a three months meal for one hungry poor child.
11) arent they supposed to do sound check BEFORE the concert actually started? Suki's violin arent connected properly to the amplifier and the people there had to reconnect it in the middle of the show. And later the whole team of Kelly's people hop on stage to do sound check before her actual show. I thought they have been in Malaysia since yesterday? what..people had to wait for THEM too?
well, i could write longer list. But I wont. As you can see, the good list is longer. so it has its good points with me.
On a different note, concert organizer should pay me to show their weaknesses. just like they paid hackers to breach their security system so that they know whats wrong with it. Seriously, people should give me free expensive tickets to concerts just to have me criticized them. then i might turn this whole blog as concert critique. and i'll keep doing that until i actually love going to concert. hahaha
Tips for the next people who is going to a crowded place like this:
1) bring your own food and drinks. or better, make sure you dont need any food and drinks before you go.
2) its ok to come into the show on the dot as the time specified for the concert to start because the earliest it could start is 30 minutes later.
3) dont buy anything they sell outside. I mean, drinking water RM2?
4) good idea to bring a binocular
5) car pool is good to reduce the traffic jam after the concert.

Question of the day:
Where is Kelly Clarkson's shoes?

Nadia Zawani and Moi (I had to open my eyes like that becausei always blinked in on camera)