22 September 2010

Just got back from Temerloh~
I had quite a fun journey because my master wanted Liza to come along. We just went there to file something at the the High Court. I was excited because the last time I was there for trial I didnt get to eat at the best Ikan Patin restaurant.
So this time, when I went by myself I brought food container with heat resistant bag.
I planned to ask the court staff where is the best place to eat Ikan Patin masak tempoyak in Temerloh. and I did.
They told me its Restoran Pak Usop.
So me and Liza went and found the place. However, we are quite disappointed because the shop keeper including all the waiters are very proud and haughty. We believe it is because they assume that they are famous so they don't have to care about customers anymore. Both of us were quite confused because they were no signs or indications whatsoever that we must self-service. However, being quite a savy eaters we help ourselves to all the lauk. We also had to ask a few times for rice which in the end we went to take ourselves.
We are so frustrated with the service because we came all the way from Kuala Lumpur and went at great length to find the restaurant and were so hungry.
The Ikan Patin masak tempoyak at Pak Usop's is not that great that they can be so haughty and proud like that.
They were not that many customers at that time of the day either (around 2.30pm-3.30pm).
We have been to busier restaurant with way better service right in Kuala Lumpur. I thought people in small town supposed to be more courteous.

Because I were of the opinion that Pak Usop & Co is very poyo to us I didn't even want to fill my food container with their Ikan Patin masak tempoyak. Plus, it was not THAT great. I have tasted better. They didn't even cook the original fresh water fish (ikan sungai) but used farm fish instead.
Instead, me and Liza
tapau Nasi Ayam at the end of Pak Usop's row. It was delicious.
Regardless, we are satisfied that we have tasted and tested the infamous Pak Usop's. Definitely will not recommend it to fellow travelers because they simply don't deserve it. I used to eat at a restaurant at the back of Pak Usop's and it tasted better and had more choices.
Because of my disappointment I refuse to picture the food. Plus, at that time of the day they werent many lauk left.
My friend from Temerloh who was outstation that day promised that for my next visit he will take me to a genuine Ikan Patin masak Tempoyak restaurant near the Hospital.
Admittedly, you may only taste the best Ikan Patin Masak Tempoyak right inside Temerloh. Any other place outside it will taste weird (went to R&R Genting Sempah last time and it tasted bad there).
However, in Selangor - Kuala Lumpur you can find anything that tasted better than its origin place if you know where to look.
My wish to eat the food at its origin place is only due to traveling i.e why not? since we are here.
Our frustration did not last for very long however.
For one thing, we are no longer hungry. Plus, we get to sight seeing at a place where we don't usually go.
For me, the best thing that happened during our visit to Temerloh is the RM3 car wash:

It was unbelievable. RM3?!
But it's true. On our way back we stop by to get my very dirty car a wash.
I am so happy that it is in Temerloh, definitely will be stuck in a long queue if it's in KL.
We don't have to go out of the car. I have only to drive into sections where they splash water,

then splash snowy soap,

then enter the 'washing machine',

then some people will dry your car.
You can add RM1 for tyre wax and RM4 for vacuum. But I don't need the extra service so I just have to pay RM3.
On our way back we stopped at R&R Genting Sempah to buy Buah Berangan and exotic fruits. The usual mango and banana are from KL but its sold cheap here. I bought wild mangosteen that was harvested by orang asli and home grown eggplant, some Buah Berangan (memang berangan kalau makan. haha) and some mango.
It didn't cost me more than RM20.
My final say? I definitely will come again because I haven't tasted the best Ikan Patin masak Tempoyak.
Blah la Pak Usop. Memang takda ong la orang nama Usop ni.

News Flash?

16 September 2010

Oh my, can't believe I didn't write here for two months! I refuse to become extinct blog writer. Hm, I usually write at least once a month. Guess life is catching up to me or it got me already. Is this the price of growing up? haha

Whats my news?
  • It has somehow become a habit of not writing in my blog when I really want to because whenever I feel like writing about something I suddenly want to keep it to myself.
  • I am glad nobody (almost) read my blog because I don't feel obligated (much) to write.
  • I decided to watch my spelling and grammar from now on (although I am never good at grammar actually).
  • Movie: Robin Hood is almost...almost as good as the Lord of The Ring. Since LoTR, Robin Hood is the best!
  • Movie: I can't believe Toys Story 3 can be so good. Its a keeper.
  • I feel so sorry for the fate of my ex boss who was kind to me in the littlest time that I have worked for him. May he rest in peace. Al-Fatihah.
  • I want to round up my friends and get them to Bangi and eat at this restaurant that i located last puasa.
  • My convocation is on 3/10/2010 at 2pm. I am just anxious about preparation for my convocation. My photographers are yet to confirm their availability, I don't feel like making a new dress, I am at a loss at how to manage and round up my family, not sure whether we should take our whole family shot there and then or wait for another day, should I hire a convo planner who'll take care of all that? haha
  • I also want to round up my friends at this restaurant. Ok now I cant decide.
  • I stayed for two nights here alone during Raya and only go to relative's house during the day. I actually enjoy it and sleep peacefully. I dont mind making a habit out of it. Please don't gasp at me. I am unconventional. It's just how I am.
  • The news about my ex boss (see bullet #6) disturbed (paranoid) me and I didn't sleep at my home until yesterday since 9/9/2010 (including days spent at kampung for raya). I'm thinking of putting up an alarm system but don't know how much it will cost me. I'm too poor to move out and too comfortable to go back to parent's. The Port Dickson case didn't help either. To think about it, I'm even too poor to get a good flick knife. Maybe I should get a shooting lesson and get a gun license. It's useful with my line of work anyway. How much will that cost me?
See, I think I know what's the problem here. Writing blog took up too much time just to ponder and rethink about things. I catch myself rethinking and correcting my point every time but too perfectionist to just let slip away.

P/S: The down side of having a boss who corrects you for a single dot.