My day at the Warehouse Sales

24 October 2008

people, there are 12 pictures here. here's my story: first i didnt study at all for the whole day and i am so dead for finals. second, i went to zara warehouse sale and mph warehouse sale. before any of u kill me for my irresponsibility or out of sheer jealousy that i even went to those warehouses read my further story. the story as u can see will start with each picture starting from the first one on the left.
1) i woke up nearly 10am. around near 11am Sha called and asked me out for breakfast cum brunch. we went muhamid bandung in pasar besar gombak near ong tai kim. sha wanted to taste the infamous mee bandung there. turn out it was delicous but Sha said she cooks it better. well. as for me it was spicy. i ordered roti canai. the food was ok and the price was ok. if you dont mind the smell of raw meats coming from downstairs of the wet market you may try this place.
2) next we went to Giant supermarket to buy my toilettries when suddenly Sha's friend (er what was her name again?) called and told her that she's already at the warehouse sales that we have decided not going for exams' sake. i irresponsibly and single handedly encouraged Sha to go. and since her conviction is already as thin as the skin of onion (malay phrase directly translated into english) we went to Zara warehouse sale.
3) i understand that Zara sold a lot of pig skin lining shoes and bags or anything made of leather. but usually they didn't mix it up and provide adequate warnings so that we Muslims will not accidentally touched it and have to go to all the difficulty of washing our hands with sand and water - the ritual that we observed. but this warehouse sale perhaps out of all the chaos no longer observe this and simply mix everything together. i know its real busy and all and i tried to be understanding. however, perhaps in the future the organizer could have just put everything with pig skin lining at one designated place. u can throw everything with pig skin there, put signs as usual and don't even have to wrap with plastic. its real sad because when its mixed together not only we can accidentally touch it but we may also lose the opportunity of buying the one with no pig skin element accessories or apparels because they were mixed. put it simply, its like putting vegetarian food side by side with meats but worse because it was mixed together. i just hope that this hiccups can be corrected thats all :-)
4) when we're finished with Zara (i had to drag Sha outta that place) we went to MPH warehouse at nearby building. i was astonished to see how big that place is. and all those books...OMG heavens for book lovers such as yours truly.
5) when i was busy looking for every book that i manage to look at (so many books to look, so little money and time) i saw this kid who were playing alone with herself while her mother was busy looking for books. she opened her read umbrella and pretended that was her tent and walk back and forth from bookshelf switching books to read every moments (more like one or two seconds). i thought that was pretty cute so i took picture.
6) i took a basket and load it with any books that catch my quick interest. adding and discarding them the whole time i was walking in this endless space of books. i took some Austen, Dickens and Twain plus some other books. these are among those books that had to be lastly discarded due to money matters.
(7) and (8) well these are pics that i took just to show u people a glimpse of just how big that place is and just how many books there is. trust me, those were just glimpses.
(9) and (10) so we're finished with our thoughtless escapades and its time to empty our bladder and fill our stomach. we found it necessary to set foot on Palm Square (not very sure with the name) just for the sake of marking our first appearance at the newly built place. well its new because we havent been there since its completion. this building was under construction back when we were studying in matric PJ a few metres away and few years back. the place looked like a half mall and half shoplot kind of building. confusing and boring at the same time. so we decided to forgo our plan to eat there because the place was boring.
(11) and (12) : yes, i almost forgot...what did i get for myself? at Zara i bought two socks. yeah just two socks. i took pride in my coolness in picking stuff at this place. well, i dont actually wear this brand's clothes. i basically went there to see if there is any accessories, bags, belts and shoes that i might like which i didnt. which is why i didnt took pictures because its not my zen place. lol. anyway, i am not sure whats the brand of those socks. i think its Pull and Bear. well doesnt matter, its for my kid sisters plus its cute and neat. next, i bought Dumas and C.S. Lewis. ah, i sadly had bought only these for actually i couldnt afford these at all. i had used my Penang fund that i secretly allocated to go to Penang this coming holiday. see you next time Fiza (sorry if ure reading this). the prices? The Chronicles of Narnia was rm15. The Man in the Iron Mask was RM10. Both socks were rm9.90 each. yes thats cheap and how come it affect my Penang fund? well i have to eat too.......

later, we went back and made a quick stop at carrefour wangsa maju for my toilettries thingy that got postponed this morning and ate at McD. we were wasted and now here i am in my room, reporting.......and done.


17 October 2008

last nite we had a blast. its a dinner that was planned on the same day. truth is, i received my pay as a research asst. its done and so i submitted it yesterday along with all my claims. i am pleased with the money that i earned by my own effort although its just a small amount. i thought of giving back to people who had in many ways than one helped me going through my life and made me happy. so i decided to host a makan besar for them. they really made my day. i knew that the food was not lavish but they were so diplomatic because they enjoyed the food and finished everything. they complimented the food etc. well, the food was nice but had i had more money i could buy more lauk. i ordered ikan siakap 3 rasa, two telur bungkus, two sotong goreng tepung, one kailan ikan masin, 6 plain soups, 4 sambal belacan and a plate of rice for everyone. well its a fulfilling treat but since i didnt feel bloated so i guess they arent as full as i had hoped. lol. i would love to make all my best buds so full that they cant walk. well maybe when i had real job then. i could have buy the new jeans that i've always wanted but last nite i know immediately that this was worth it. well i didnt want to claim any credit on my action...coz its not like i treat my friends to a hotel or something. its just a gerai makan at the roadside. but they were really perfect last night. most of my friends could have just eaten at more lavish place but they didnt compare that with last nite. they created the ambiance that i had wanted when i decided to host the party. i hope they really for real enjoyed last night and had their stomach satisfied. guys, thank you and remember this my first but aint the last and it will get better if i earned

Fav quotes from How I Met Ur Mother

15 October 2008

Mary the Paralegal[1.19]

[To Ted] Do you have some puritanical hang up on prostitution? Dude, it’s the world’s oldest profession
: Do you really think that’s true?

: Oh yeah, I bet even Cro-Magnons used to give cave hookers an extra fish for putting out.

: Ah ha, so the oldest profession would be fishermen. Kaboom! You’ve been lawyered!

: That’s adorable Ted. You’re such a hayseed. The companionship business is the growth industry of the 21st century. You do realize that 1 out of every 8 adult women in America is a prostitute.

: Dude you just made that up.

: Withdrawn.

: Lawyered!

World's Greatest Couple [2.5]

Ted: Is that a toilet in your kitchen?
Robin: Or a stove in your bathroom?
Lily: Oh...that's not just a stove. That's a stoveinkerator! A combination of a stove, oven, sink and refrigerator. Stoveinkerator! Isn't that futuristic?!
Ted: God I hope not.

Atlantic City [2.8]

Marshall: Hi, we need a marriage license but we need to skip the waiting period because we're in love.
: Aaww..I'm gonna waive this waiting period right now!

: Really!?

: Is what I would say if I could waive the waiting period but unfortunately only a judge can do that.

: Oh, so can we see a judge?

: Absolutely!

: Really?

: Is what I would say if there was any chance of you seeing a judge today, which there isn't.

: [clenched teeth] Why are you doing this to us?

: Because you're on Candid Camera!

: Really?

: Is what I would say--

: You know what, we get it.

Monday Night Football [2.14]

Marshall: But just to make sure it records, maybe we should bow our heads and say a quiet prayer to the TiVo gods.
Ted: Almighty TiVo, We thank you for all the gifts you have given us. The power to freeze live TV to go take a leak is nothing short of god-like. And let's not forget fast-forwarding through commercials. It seems greedy to ask anything more from you, o magic box, but if you malfunction and miss the Super Bowl, we will destroy you in the alley with baseball bats.
Marshall and Ted: Amen.

Sate again.......yay!

14 October 2008

went to our kuliyyah feast with hafiq just now. all my girlfriends was either late and not coming so we went ahead. i noticed that guys dont look out for their friends during eating time. well i dont mean it in a bad way. its just something i noticed. given our friendship i had expected my friend to take some sate for me because the sate place was swarmed with guys. so i went to take drinks and desserts for him instead. but when we met he didnt remember to pick for me. nonetheless, we shared his sate. later they refilled the sate and i went to help ourselves for another round but some guys thought i took the sate for myself. it was quite a lot. thats when i understand that they just dont get it that we (girls) always took food for our friends. i even saved rendang and mihun for Liza. it sure appeared that i ate a lot given all the food that i took. well anyway, i just dont care to mind coz given my fat size its not something out of place even if i do take it for myself.
ah, its not like i am complaining. i've been on the lookout for free sate ever since we came back from Raya break. i just dont know why but this year sate is my post raya food. i dont care if its tasty or not when its free. which is why i went out of character today by attending the jamuan hari raya. that includes the one that i went to in my mahallah. usually, i wasnt bothered by all this.
why free sate? well, its because i am not such a fan of sate unless at certain times when i really crave for it like these few weeks. hence, when i do feel like eating it, i went for free things. plus, its more fun to eat when its free. and more fulfilling. its because, if i do went out and buy it myself, i wont enjoy it as much due to the ridiculous price for a tiny piece of chicken and lamb meat. me...

12 October 2008

so, i finally get over my state of denial and get myself check the final examination timetable just now. oh well, before i started i'd just wanna make a point here that we did try our best to get that gaps between our papers but the rest of you people just wouldnt cooperate. only 70 people signed our petition this semester. hey i even went all the way of getting the consent of all three Trust lecturers including the course coordinator. and that gets me wondering how the heck A&R ignored THAT. i mean, the lecturers even remarked that our request IS reasonable and another one wrote 'students should not be pressured' or something like that! and we/us wrote some students are anaemic and needed their rest. 'sup with that? i hate whoever that made this timetable's guts. and i hate people who dont sign. WHOEVER YOU ARE. grrrr
well of course my courses this semester isnt as heavy as most. whatever that is, at some point of time we will face the same difficulty right? so lets share that bad moments together and forget how less unlucky i am (thank you Allah).
you see, i took seven subjects this semester and one of it does not have final exam coz its only a skill class and its only 0.5 credit hour. plus, i no longer needed to take elective subjects coz i finished em up last short semester which means i had less 4 credit hours than most people.
however, despite not feeling-quite-pressured-since-i-know-most-of-my-girls-and-bros-will-be-facing-a-more-tough-time-than-me i do feel bad and depressed about all this. i mean...three papers in a row? when do i get to study? do these people seriously think i've been studying the whole semester? I DIDNT EVEN DO NOTES THIS SEMESTER. i have no mood for all those nerdy things this semester. truth is i'm kinda lost in space for most subjects especially Trust.

but that doesnt mean i lost it. my sweat and effort still goes for the betterment of the future me. i still have enough determination to read up on my job as research assistant and even wrote a paper on it. i had half a thought that once its done (now its 60% done) i might stand a chance to submit it for master's dissertation on victim's rights. how cool is that? well, i dont think i will. i mean, the outcome for that research goes for the person who hired me. plus, i got allowed to make it as my EAP term paper. i think thats enough killing two birds with one stone and getting paid for it too.

so my finals goes like:
Usul fiqh ii 28/10; English for academic purpose 29th (thats two papers in a row); Evidence and procedure in shariah court ii 31/10; Trust 1/11; Company Law ii 2/11 (these are the three papers in a row) and; Land Law ii 5/11.

and before that, i shall have two tests and one term paper submission plus a presentation. how great is that coz today is already the 11th. do they really mean it when they say the eleventh hour? oh wait i got confused..... its 12th! y'know its 3.30 AM in the morning, what do u expect?
i'm seriously disappointed that our petition got ignored. we even put on nice envelope this semester.
i need a boyfriend to bitch about these things. why i had to blog about it....and yeah, only couples bitch about things to each and woman dont bitch to each other unless they are gays.

roger and out

Hari Raya Feast

11 October 2008

Well it wasnt exactly a real feast. This was just our hostel Hari Raya celebration. the thing is i didnt celebrate much with my people last time so i was actually looking forward to any attendable celebration in campus and yesterday was such. plus, we did went there because we got bored buying food for ourselves and decided to get free food for once. lol. and so, we got there real early (sharp on time) and being such good girls we (us roommates) didnt just sit and wait. we went to help the committee to prepare the food. the food was quite ordinary but we dont care. however, there is satay. we've been aiming that satays ever since we saw it. later, we secure a spot in front of the satay table to ensure we'll get to eat satays. lol. when we finally gets to eat, people swarmed the satay table but being among the first gotten there me and my roomies get to eat em. i was very satisfied because coincidentally i had this satay cravings for a few days already. other than that there was soto, laksa, nasi tomato, roti jala and pulut. after i was finished with satay i went to nasi tomato table but what was left was only the rice and gravy. the chicken was no more. what its only been few minutes. lol. the roti jala was already history too. well thats ok. i had satay! i didnt bother myself with laksa and soto. not my fav choice.

Glad to be back

05 October 2008

Erm, whats there to be happy about? well i get to be in my own space again. other than that, well nothing. there's tons of work to be done. my term paper, my company law homework, studying for usul fiqh test. u name it. not to mention my research assistant job. now that Ramadhan is gone i am starting to feel negative feelings inside of me. at one time i even decided to shut myself out from the world. fortunately now i am back to ok. i think i have some kind of depression(?). anyway, i am lucky that i have resolved all my social problems during Ramadhan. the best month to solve everything. other that that its just a mood swing...well for now. i still havent finished unpacking but i just miss posting in my blog that i stopped unpacking and sit down in front of the laptop. a lot of things happened as usual during the period that i am away but i decided not to bore anyone with too much details.
during Hari Raya, i chose to stay at my first Aunt's house and watching Bleach (anime) most of the times on my cousin's PC. i am glad i brought my bro's external hard disk with three anime series. i still havent finished watching Bleach though. gonna catch up after this semester ends. i stayed away from my second aunt's house because thats where all the action is. all the cookings and visitings happened there. i preferred staying where i was wearing sleeping gear and hooked on the PC than wearing baju raya and entertaining guests and washing dishes and heating food. well i did all that in my first aunt's too but its not as hectic as the second's. plus, i dont like being compared to the cousin and my younger sister who enjoyed staying in the kitchen. i mean hello, everyone has their own specialty. as for me, i think its enough if i can make sure that i wont die from starvation by myself. hahaha this is one of my heated topic whenever there is hari raya. but this year i am glad that i avoided all the pains by laying real low. heck, i still think that in total i am either at par or better than those who liked to stay at the kitchen.
despite laying low, i did joined my family visiting all relatives. i met my grandfather's sister and she recognized me as the lazy one. hahaha. despite that i am proud because had i not been outstandingly lazy she wont even remember me! coz u see, she's really old. but her first son and his family turned out to be really nice. surprisingly they really liked me. he had some daughters who all knew my name and asked about my studies and all. i actually am not sure which is which and whats their name. even that uncle asked about my future plans. this small things made me feel accepted.
the next day we visited another of my grandfather's sister. this one was much older. i was so sad because she thought my younger sister was me. even when i told her my name, it didnt rang a bell. what annoyed me most was my sister really thought that that grandmother knew her. well hello, despite my laziness i used to come to her house and did her dishes once upon a time. she always stopped me but i insisted. thats why she said 'oh this was the one who always did my dishes' towards my sister. and that sis whos always proud of her kitchen loving attitude thought it was really meant for her. i was sad because she no longer recognized which was which. she used to like me very much because i stayed with my grandparent's a lot when they were alive and always visited her. anyway, enough with the sad story. before we went to her house, we went to her eldest son's house. he also recognized me and asked about my plans. he is the village
tok empat. sort of ketua kampung.
i guess its always easy if you took popular courses like medic and laws. no need to explain much. however, all that recognition didnt made me proud or whatever. i felt a certain heaviness about it because this shows people expected something from me. or waiting something to happen. despite my own intention to do well in my studies i didnt really want anyone to expect anything from me. because that gave me obligation. i was actually just happy that there are times when education was given more recognition than kitchen-loving for females. because thats just proved my point exactly. especially when the statement was made in front of my sis. teheee. i mean, why cant the girls in my family do well in kitchen as well as in their studies? that certainly worth respect from me. but so far, the girls who hated kitchen do well in studies while those who loved wasnt as good as the other. takpelah, maybe lelaki suka kan nanti bolehla kahwin dengan orang kaya mana-mana or guys yang boleh support diorang.
as for me, i am determined to build my own future and sediakan payung sebelum hujan. no matter what, i want to be able to fend for myself. its better to be able to fend for myself AND have a support from someone rather that relying fully on someone. we dont know what will happen in the future. Even this world is not permanent.

oh well, enough for raya stories. i just cant help myself. my head just flowing with words (so much for little details. ahaks). so whats up with the above pics? well the first and second was pics of chocolates in Beryls factory very near to my parent's house in Seri Kembangan. i didnt like choc very much but i was meeting up with Geraldine and she told me how she loves chocolates and i suddenly remembered that Berlys was having a warehouse sale so i brought her there during puasa. so while Gerald was busy selecting the chocs i just took pictures because i never seen so much chocolates in my life. lol.
the rest of other pics was taken today in JM Briyani in Alamanda, putrajaya. theres me and sorfina and the last was shamin wolfing the ayam goreng. hahaha.