End of 2012 Rant

28 December 2012

Things that got me tired with practice is not the work itself. Its the pointless things such as waiting in various goverment agencies offices and courts (including waiting to get connected by phone) and weird requests such as asking for Court CTC for a sealed order already served to Land office. 
Closer in the office, its the last minute decision to draft or file something which can be avoided due to lackadaisical attitude of the management or client. 
For every pointless things that happened, i have actually taken every precaution for it not to happen but it happened because of other people's attitude. 
On a not so separate note, when will government servant understand that their salary is paid from the money that people like me gave them? Hence, should behave properly and not like little napoleons. 
Also annoyed at Malay restaurants/kopitiam that took forever to bungkus RM15 popia which actually worth RM5 and once its done full 5 minutes must passed before it was put in a plastic bag and transferred to my table. That was after I throw a murderous looks. Also had the temerity to signal me to come and take the thing before saw my look.