Singing Heart

23 October 2011

Ya Allah (Oh My God) it's been ages! I had even begin to think that I will never write again. Alas, today I am feeling like doing it. So whats up? with me, with you? As for me, I'm spending half the day listening to music (I'm supposed to familiarize myself with all Soil Investigation terms for upcoming case but what the heck). Actually the whole purpose of this post to list down my favorite music of the day. But since I have not been writing in ages I feel obligated to throw in some updates too.

I founded a Facebook secret group called A Priori to help out young people with LLB degrees get together and help each other. I am too amazed to even describe how I feel now when we had 215 members! Of course, it really helped when a lot of people also were of the opinion that such group is needed at all. I am also not stingy with appointing administrators. Some thing needed change I know but I didn't hear much feedback regarding how I handled the group so I didn't have much choice but to exercise my veto power most of the times. huhu.

Still single yeah, but I've got used to it. I read Rhonda Byrne's The Power (mostly first sentence of each paragraph. lol. not really a fan of self help books) where she said that if I'm really that desperate to have someone in my life (okay, I'm just paraphrasing in a way where it's applicable to me here) I should treat my home as if I've got someone already i.e do everything for two persons and most importantly sleep on one side of the bed only (that I definitely can't do! oh well, unless absolutely necessary). So come to think of it, do I have to divide my bookshelves to two? divide my K-dorama and Anime time to two i.e not watching the whole series in one whole day when I feel like it? share my time? share my game time? share my fb time? share my sleep time? have a fixed time to eat? Oh okay, it's not really I'm shuddering at the thoughts of all that (almost!) but if I think about it, I don't know, the problem might be just me and if that's true, I can live with that (hell yeah, someone please save me).

Which bring us to the topic of my home. I looooooooove living alone because I looooooove my home! (I think I can afford to spell 'love' like that just because I have never done it). In fact, I have not gone out of my home since Friday night (kinda worried about my car though). Anyway, to illustrate how much I love my home, I might even transfer to Bangi just because I can't stand staying at my home only on weekends and stay in my rented room during weekdays. I think I am entitled to put an end to it because I've lived like that for a year already (this arrangement may have contributed to my homesickness). Of course, I have this gnawing feeling that I might be risking my whole career for it but to think on the bright side, I am still doing the same thing and whether I made it or not is up to me wherever I may be working. I spent a year to come to a conclusion that I can do it wherever I want. If I made it, I made it. Okay let me be frank, I don't ever want to go for big firm because I've already had what I wanted in life. I've told about three other human beings that my ambition is to one day snuggle on a red sofa in an apartment reading books. I've had that. Who cares if the apartment is in a some sort of ghetto and the sofa is black (and that I don't own the apartment). We can work that out later. I don't have to go to big firm to iron that out. Lazy? well define hardworking please? why you work hard then? what's your biggest aim in life then? Point is, I've got what I wanted (as always. Thank you Allah), now I'll focus on getting that big bookshelves in my dream (and work out on the sleeping on one side of my queen size bed or I'll just buy a King and I'll definitely just sleep on one side of it. haha). And so, it's pertinent for me not to abandon my home again. Should I one day lose the home, I'll think of another solution. The good thing of being a (young) lawyer is, you never ran out of choice.

So that's it!! Now here is my song of the day (I hope you really take the time to listen to all of it coz I'm that proud of my achievement of compiling it especially no.6 because although I have no freaking idea what's it's all about but the way the language sound OMG so sexay and the music video quite gothic Okay I just really checked the video and found it not suitable for viewing. so sorry. [(sheepish grin) no wonder its sounded sexay..pffft]:

1) David Guetta ft. Usher - Without You

2) Swedish House Mafia - Save the World

3) Blink 182 - After Midnight

4) T-Pain - 5 O'Clock ft. Wiz Khalifa, Lily Allen

5) Lighters  - Bad Meets Evil ft. Bruno Mars

6) Avec Laura De "Sarancha"

(Video removed due to parental control)

7) Foster the People - Pumped Up Kicks