Last Month and this month

07 May 2011

 Harsh words were said
and lies were told instead.
I didn't ever mean to make you cry.
But love can make us weak and make us strong,
and before too very long.
I was totally in love with you.

- Jean Jacques Burnel

I am already one quarter century and still breathing. Alhamdulillah. Please Allah let me live longer to die as a faithful Muslim and had made change to the world or the world of others in a good way even if it is just a small change before that.
So 8 April had come and go. The above statement is everything there is to my thoughts when my birthday came up.
I could say a lot of things and recorded every details regarding my birthday and what happens after that but then I just want to keep the precious moments to myself (or I am just that lazy, your pick).
I went through quite troublesome period of writer's block which lasted for one whole month. I didn't write anything in April. That month is the month where I could write a lot of things but I just didn't. More accurately, I couldn't. There are too many possible reasons for that that I couldn't decide which one is the culprit.
Everything is as usual. But I was inspired to write at 1.00am today because I was quite happy that I didn't bring home too much work (although its still there) and because I've done watching the most amazing anime series ever created by man. Okay, I am just exaggerating that because I loved the book the anime was based on and hence became inspired!
Talking about love. I have something to report:
I watched Inception after I send my friend Eda back to her home in Kg. Malaysia (I know, I was late in watching it but I am glad that I finally made it to watch it) last month. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and are in love (not in literal meaning) with Christopher Nolan which effectively rendered the previous post written by me as no longer applicable (plus I now think that he - the one I fell in love with is still such a kid). yes, I know how Inception made me uninterested to that boy is at best strangely related but please bear with me.
Okay thats that. And those were last month's story.
Back to main agenda. I want to gush about Gankutsuou!
For the first few minutes of the series I was quite put off by the CGI on the characters apparels but gradually I began to even love it and this is due to the fact that I can feel the spirit of Dumas' Count of Monte Cristo in each episode. I am amazed that sci-fi theme can be mixed with the more classical setting of the Count of Monte Cristo. We can say that the series is a huge success because this is the first time that I feel like i am not betrayed by the film-maker of my imagination of my favorite books. In this case...the Count of Monte Cristo. My most awaited moments is the beginning of each episodes after the opening theme where Gankutsuou himself will start by saying "Madame, Monsieur Bonjour..." and continue to summarize what happened previously in flawless French. I tried googling for the French script to no avail. Oh wish I could read them in French. Anyway, Confucius says it best to sum up the whole story: “Before you embark on a journey of revenge, dig two graves.” In this case, the Count is prepared to die for the sake of his revenge (sad to admit that I am like that too when I am feeling particularly vengeful). Anyway looking at the uninteresting google results I can see that this anime series probably didn't get proper recognition as it should which is why I am trying my best here to write more than one liner to describe how I feel about this anime series.and yes, I am at the end of my film critic ability.

Okay, that's that for May. yay!