Time and Money: Managed

13 February 2011

Although I am slowly making my own comeback in my biggest passion in life - reading, I seem to be getting no inspiration to write anything credible since my last post.
So I'll just post things that happened instead.
I had made a resolution to use my time better and is trying very hard to stick to it. What happen was I finally gave up lugging my heavy HP laptop that was made last century to and fro my house and my rented room. I feel more pressured to reduce my computer usage seeing that my spectacle's power keep increasing every year. This consequently made me unable to use the technology every time I get back from work. Therefore, I was gladly forced to read books instead. Finally got that second volume of Les Miserables finished two days ago. Now I am onto Thomas Harris's Ghostwriter.
I also noticed that my praying times are not organized. When I didn't waste time getting online and follow all the blogs, youtube, manga, facebook and all that - I began to pray on time.
I have been eating the same thing for breakfast and lunch most of weekdays since a few months ago at a fixed rate of RM4 for both. Now I have found another place that provides my dinner at a fixed rate of RM3.50. That means, as of next week onwards my meal would cost below RM10 per day. The biggest plus point is that all meals had less cholesterol than all my previous unfixed diet. My breakfast and lunch is Bihun putih (rice vermicelli) and my dinner is rice porridge (because I can't live without rice). I know this is not exactly the healthiest meal but I believe that there is always first step for everything (as shown above).