Slave Hunters (Chuno)

15 February 2011

I saw Chuno for the first time when it was aired in KBS. I forgot when was that. At that time I couldn't follow the series. It piqued me but I was deliberating for quite some time until it won KBS Drama Award for 2010. Its quite by accident that I was browsing channels on TV at that particular day and time and managed to catch KBS Drama Award.
So the moment I got back from my parent's after watching the Drama Award I immediately went to uri local video stores and got it for RM40 in HD. ahem. hehe.

Oh the first episode by itself got me hooked already and the rest is history. I love the plot, the CGI, the stunts, the OST, the dialogue, the ancient Korean language, the actors, the emotions displayed, the fighting scenes!, the male actors! (hehe) and i am the biggest fan of wangsun mama!
I wonder if Kim Jin-Woo behaved the way he did in Chuno in the real life too. If yes, I am so amazed. I want to learn from his parents how to raise a kid like that. I mean he was the least fussy baby I have ever seen in my life. He is cute like snow, he allows absolutely everybody to carry him, he sits still when placed down and also when he sits on adults' lap, he is smart (I conclude this when he played Seol Hwa's musical instrument and he responded to the thief lord who loves children),  he can be instructed (because he said 'yes' when Han-seom paid his respect. haha) and the best of all he is so quiet. In short he is the best baby actor I've seen in my life and he is just turning 5 years old this year.