18 February 2011

The title is like what it is because I had this choking sensation since i woke up. I have no idea why. Probably due to the lack of oxygen. I tried inhaling deeply to no avail.
It feels somewhat interesting when I saw a friend is writing about song meaning today. I myself have been thinking of putting one or two lines out of any lyric that i like as the beginning of my post but is still in the midst of compiling them, so I have not come to do it. People put quotes or poem in the beginning of their post so I thought I want to put song. You could say that I copied them but its only because I find that style will better explain myself. I had chosen lyric because I rarely read any poetry at all. Further, people's taste in music vary so the chances are even when people did the same thing as me they wouldn't choose the same particular line of the lyric.
Talking about lyric, I almost cried when I listened to I need a doctor by Eminem(ft Dr.Dre & Skylar Grey). Of course I am not into profanities but I had this soft spot about anything concerning loyalty, friendship and chivalry. I can see how strong the bond between Dr. Dre and Eminem (at least as its depicted in the lyric). Thats the very thing that I have been trying to maintain and search in my friends all my life. I know that my standard is too high and I am probably not that perfect either. But I always tried my best to be the best kind of friend to people that I am close to. Previously I expect the same return from them but after many years I realized that its useless to hope for that (I am sorry to say this but this is how I feel) and I should just be my definition of 'best' to many close friends and hope they sometimes return it back. This line of thinking made me happier especially in situation when I really need someone by my side and one of them came to my house just because I feel like that.