Absolutely Clueless

13 February 2011

The thought that someone had the slightest interest in me is too foreign and almost unimaginable. But then even of someone ever did I bet he'd give up just by my way of replying text messages, talk, or even chatting online. haha
The fact of how i behaved is known to me but never worried me at the slightest. Nevertheless, it became more profound when I began to think how person at the other side would feel if I keep behaving like myself.
I have no plan to change my behavior. But as time goes by I did consider people's feeling more and tried my best to mince my words.
My friends in the office told me that I have a problem. 
Based on their description I call it as 'storytelling problem'. They told me that I have a problem of being friendly by text messages because I used the most economic words to describe the situation. 
There were times when I read text messages and find myself staring complicatedly at the phone, trying my utmost thinking faculty to cook up some reply and finally came up with a one word explains all reply.
Now, I take that as a compliment to my vocabulary (ahaha) but it does made me analyze.
Hafiq said its probably because my heart was not moved yet.
I think the real reason is the other people are not in my confidante list. Even with the confidantes I am the laziest person to use text (hence all the calls). I prefer to talk. Its faster. I rather wait until they pick up than text them what I want to say. But when I do have the mood I could story away everything until I feel they could barf but this is mostly online not text messages. It is related to trust issue. I mean, why would I write this long descriptive text messages explaining things and didn't mean anything to the other (and cost me a few sen some more. lol).
If I want to tell a story I'll just write my blog where a lot more people can read, mean something to some people and nobody can delete it except me.
Okay I am doomed am I?