Selamat HAri Raya AidilAdha

16 November 2010

Happy Eid people. I am so excited to eat to my heart's content at my parent's tomorrow. I have no idea whats on the menu but I am sure I will like it nonetheless. My guess is the food will be ordered from our usual Cik Ida. I was told that for this year the gathering place is at my parent's for all my mother's sibling and their family.
For the umpten time I will have to forget my cholesterol reducing mission.
I have no plan to make a new Baju Kurung for AidilAdha but last time I was in Intrade I met Shahida and Shams from Pakistan and I bought one set of fabric from them. The fabric is supposedly meant for a kind of Pakistani suit but I bought it with the sole intention of making it into Baju Kurung. I don't know the real price if it was bought from Malaysian people but I bought it for RM50 and I am sure it should be at least triple than that here. However, I am happy with the price that I paid as I know the cost of sending it to tailor will be high. I have send it last Saturday and I am told I wont be able to wear it for Eid which I dont mind but shall wear it to the nearest wedding that I am going to attend.
I thought of going back to parent's tonight but then I changed my mind as I want to peacefully read (gnaw?) into my latest haul from the Big Bad Wolf Warehouse Sale. I bought a complete set of Inkheart by Cornelia Funke for a mere RM24 and a biography of Omar Khayyam for RM10. I am quite sad because I had to restrain my desire to buy the whole warehouse since I already spent so much at Intrade particularly from Shahida and Shams where apart from the fabric I also bought two Himalayan Salt Lamps shipped directly from Pakistan for a total of RM27. Shams told me I haggle too much but Shahida always gave me a very special price. She told me that the lamps are expensive in this country. I believe her but I wont buy it if it wasn't because of her price anyway. I went to my parent's afterwards and checked with my mother for her Himalayan Salt Lamp that she had bought a few years back and it was RM100. Anyway, I am so proud of my smart shopaholic habit (i.e buying things I dont need INSANELY CHEAP).
Anyway, take it from me people, until you earn above RM2.5k salary please get all your things from warehouse sale. Sometimes I am quite sad that I had to resort to only warehouses to buy all my things from make-ups to accessories and books but after a while I realized that at every opportunity you can get you should get the best worth for your money. Ok, maybe for things that had expiry date you should get it new but for all other things that dont have expiry date we should get it at warehouse sale or expo. And do that until you know that you can afford to just throw your money away.
Enough about shopping. I just would love to record here that I have filed my papers on 12 November 2010. I am now waiting for my Long Call Date. Unfortunately, I can't know my date because its to be confirmed based on Judges' availability. At this point, I no longer care when is my date since I had tried all possible means to get it within this year and if it still didn't work then so be it. Although, I do feel like I am losing money here because the earlier I can be a lawyer it goes without saying the earlier the increase of monthly salary.
Anyway, I am so GLAD that in the end I had see it through that I finished my chambering (assuming my Long Call successful la, but who doesn't?). Oh after ALL the people that I had met and all attitudes that I went through. phewwwww~
And it is something to be proud of.
Completed LLB, completed Chambering. I never dream any of these back when I was in school. I was so playful and couldn't care less about my results (still are) but I made it. Luck. What do they say about luck? opportunities. I guess I just happened to be there when opportunity came by.
haha. HAPPY!