Post Raya

18 November 2010

My current situation is best summed up by my current FB status:

"three types of rendang, lemang, nasi biryani, ayam masak merah, dalca, acar, bread & butter pudding, chocolate cake, muffins later....diarrhea...okay not exactly, more like chilli overload...and my stomach cant stand too much chillies."

So I felt a bit hot inside my stomach and of course its acting up right now. My mood is OK although quite a few things made it hard to start the day.

First of all I would like to congratulate myself for writing so much this month. It must be because I've got new books which made me stayed up until morning to finish them and somehow it made my mind flowing with words and the excitement to write it down.

My stomach acted up since last night. I was reading Inkspell until 3am in the morning so I didn't exactly was sleepless because of my stomach. I managed to sleep until 6.45am and when I woke up went a few rounds to the loo. Anyway, I warmed some of the food from yesterday (even though they are the cause of my stomach ache) and get them ready to be brought to the office. I tried so hard to figure out a way not to throw away all these foods because I know I can't eat them all by myself (still figuring out. any help?).

I went again to the Big Bad Wolf warehouse sale on its last day yesterday. Everything RM8 went down to RM5. I managed to get Cormac McCarthy's and another. I also bought traveling book on Singapore. Well I know its just across the sea but since the book was cheap and it has maps and everything else to rectify my noobness of that place. I planned to go there during Christmas. However, I didn't save up anything to prepare myself for the trip except the accommodation. I am so worried that I will feel so bad if I went anyway without enough money for my shopping spree. I am still figuring ways to get around this problem though (and the book made me so excited too).

Being random and for the record, I drained my newly bought toner today and I feel that it is such a waste. It was my favorite too. I had packed (throw) everything into my backpack this morning as I shall live in my rented room during office days. So when I throw my backpack into the car boot today I saw that it was drenched. I know I didn't have my water bottle with me so I knew it had to be the toner or the eye make-up remover. I wished it was the eye make-up remover instead. Apparently I didn't screw the cap tightly. I am so down (as I always do when I feel things go to waste) that I can't wait to go to Singapore and buy a toner. It had to be from oversea to compensate my feeling of loss. And we are back to money issue again. WHERE DO I GET THE MONEY TO SHOP IN SINGAPORE is the question.

As Geraldine said (and I know she is bored with my ramblings on money shortage) I am forever with money issues. But of course, I will always be so until I earned at least RM3k. Although I know by the time I earned RM3k it will still be not enough. In short, I will forever have the money issue and people will be so annoyed at me for thinking that I had money issue. In my opinion, I can think I have money issue all I want as the outcome is good i.e always be on high alert on your money consumption. I also believe that I need to be this paranoid to avoid from really being a shopaholic. I mean I love to shop but I always went for the high quality things with good price and I still can stop myself from buying everything that I want.

So the sum total of my morning is the feeling of wastage, money issue and how to go on a shopping spree in Singapore. Oh I forgot to note that I am so happy that 70% of cars are not on MRR2 today! I believed that 60% of KL citizens consist of families with school going kids. Which also summed up that they are the ones causing traffic jams. Which also means somebody should take measures to ensure children safety when they board school buses so that less car can be on the road just to send and fetch them from school.

Now let us go on to Raya stories. hehe. I am not sure how I feel when my 28 year old cousin said he is not sure to tie the knot with a girl who was doing her chambering the same time as me because she is a (future) lawyer like me and people like me argue a lot. Ok basically they argues a lot and in short he thinks we lawyers argues a lot. I asked in front of his mother and mine including my second aunt on why hasn't he made an honest woman out of her yet since they had been together for such a looooooong time. He answered with a question: Why you have no boyfriend?
I immediately know it must be related to the stigma that lawyers either talk a lot or argue a lot or opinionated or all of the above. So I just non-nonchalantly list all of the above for him and he picked 'arguing'. But I also somehow picked out that his mother was not so fond of the girl because she is a lawyer. I feel so sorry for her because I had met her and because my aunt must have based her judgment on me. Because I was so opinionated and live my own ways since I was 18 which is quite a taboo as she is quite traditional and my cousins listened to her. Even my younger brother listened to her on whether he can or cannot sleep at my house when he went back to our parent's. I didn't say it was altogether a bad thing and I didn't say anything about my brother because it is somewhat good for him.
I am the only one in our family network who are going to be a lawyer soon and it seems nobody are following my footsteps. So I didn't blame her if she based her opinion on me. Although I do feel that it is quite shallow and what a lost. Because my attitude is rare even among future lawyers. I am somehow the weird one. It only confirmed that people like them (and there was so many of them) will forever avoid educated women from entering their family. Which is why there are so many delinquents and juveniles out there. Because future husband and in-laws choose uneducated women into their family as they are easier to control and had almost no opinions at all. So these uneducated women will just give birth and have no idea on nurturing children's mind.
Well at least educated women do received formal education and it's proven by their qualifications. Surely people with knowledge are different than people with none. Surely there are exceptions. But this is the general rule. Surely there are difference between children borne by a graduate and children borne by, say, SPM graduate. Surely.
What I am saying is, it is such a lost to my family that my aunts simply had no interest in securing educated people as their sons and daughters in law for the well being of mankind. Its a different story if there is no one else but this person. The problem is when there are choices they simply choose the timid one. It also baffled me when all of them went to universities too. Well I guess I'll just settle with my blog and let out all my opinions to random people as in the near future I shall have a very thin chance to have a family discussion without hurting their feelings because they don't get what I mean or couldn't accept my boldness in stating the obvious. As it is, all my female cousins my sister included didn't get me and while they enjoy calling each other stupid and fat they simply cannot have an ordinary conversation with me because I am so weird.