Brother's Graduation

26 May 2010

I took one day leave today to go see my brother at his graduation day. All I can say was worth it.Before i got to Uitm Shah Alam, i bought a flower bouquet for him. I totally forgot, what do they call 'kekwa' in english? anyway, i'm glad i didnt buy at inside the uni. its expensive and ugly. and i can see that he liked it (and i dont expect him to say that its pretty because he's a man). Later in the day, we went to the studio and he took the pic with my bouquet. he got quite a few from each of my kids sisters and from my aunt.
All of us had not planned to be there on my brother's convocation together. I actually planned to take only a half day leave.My father didnt take any leave. my mother did. my two kid sisters skip school and another sister goes to her short semester classes as usual.But somehow or rather, before my brother come out of the graduation hall, all of us were there. It is quite a rare sight because we dont quite live together in one house anymore. I live in my own place. My brother live with our cousin. my sister live near her campus.
My father and my mother are university graduates. However, they did not attend their graduation ceremonies. back then they were too busy to do so. It was my first time too. but i explained to her about the protocol, the dean's list, the vice-chancellor's list etc etc. btw, i go into the hall with my mother because my father couldnt make it in the morning.
We couldnt see my brother in person except via the screen in the hall. not many family members were allowed into the main hall. only some people who came early got to go in there. anyway, we were glad that we didnt have to sit outside. we got into the next air-conditioned hall.after the ceremony ended, we got to see my brother. his skin is already dark due to his outdoor job. his robe is navy blue and he wore everything in black. I told him that black is not suitable in the circumstances. i did asked about his graduation outfit some time ago. he said he got everything covered (Its so hard when he is so far away. I cant even double check the outfit for him).Then we went to take some pics outside the hall. my brother had with him two friends with professional cameras to snap all of his pictures. I didnt bother to check the model and brand. We were like celebrities and people actually leave our group alone due to the photographers tagging us everywhere. at one point of time all of us conquered the whole billboard as our background without having to share it with othe graduates and families. its amazing.
I wonder if the same effect will occur if i do the same for my convocation this october? haha.
Then all of us went out of the university to go to a photo studio. we didnt want to go to the one set up near the hall. we predicted that the queue is going to be long and the price might be unreasonable (just like flowers).
It was the first time in give or take 10 years since we grouped together as one family and get our pictures taken together.btw, all pictures will be uploaded soon. stay tuned! (:P)
hehe. i just wanna see how it feels like to wear a robe - feels good. even when its not yours. hahaha

Now that i had attended my brother's convocation. I had some rough idea on what should be done for mine. and i had no qualms of sharing it here:
1) I might want to wear something vogue for a skirt (baju kurung perhaps) since thats the main focal point after we wear the robe.
2) I will have to buy a new shoe (thats the next focal point).
3) I will have to plan in detail how to manage my family on that day (from morning til the end, what should they do?) maybe i should get one of my friends whos still in the U to be the program manager? seriously!
4) need to scout for the best studio in gombak area to get our pic taken right after the ceremony as its hard to get everyone together after that.
5) need to make sure they wear their best on my graduation day.
6) need to arrange something with my photographer friend.
7) must make sure that my parent stashed some cash for me so that all of the above can be done. (of course i cant pay because i'm poor).
8) need to get the ceremony schedule before it actually happened. or at least most info.
9) will have to decide when is the best time for other family and friend should come and go.
10) apply for a leave one week earlier.

well thats all for now. i'm tired already...i need sleep...tomorrow is work day!
to be continued!