How do i DO?

09 February 2010

I opened my own blog just now and saw kak fiza's message. She's asking me how i'm doing. I just smiled as I sat here writing in the cyber cafe (Ya Allah, bila la nak dapat internet sendiri ni).
The closest I want to get at revealing my personal life in my own blog is that the life that i'm in right now is not all cloud nine. In fact, i expect this kind of life the moment i entered my fourth year. I'm not surprised that it did turn out exactly like i imagined but i'm quite disappointed that i couldnt handle it better than i did. Although all the people who know my stories said i handled it very well. well anyway, i'm quite hurt against the world that i had to start all over again. Although opportunity in chambering are'nt hard to get....i'm just unsatisfied against the fact that I who hated any form of failure had to call it quit and start all over again. Well, its not exactly too late or even late. but i just hate it. people asked me where i'm going next. All i can say is that i have quite a few places to go. Now is not the time to write about it....yet.