Blast from the past

28 February 2010

I went to take a peak at my old blog just now and i'm sad that i cant write as much as that anymore. my mind just went blank ..... everytime i typed a sentence or two. or my eyes felt tired. or i became disinterested to write further and thus i wrote faster and simpler.
A few moths ago i emptied my parent's house from all of my stuffs. I found my old diaries. I was quite amazed at the way i write and describe things when i was in high school. I can actually laugh, sympathize, and enjoyed at what my old self had written. i wonder where all that has gone to. perhaps it went away together with my old view of life that i can no longer remember. sometimes i wonder who was i when i was 17. i seriously have forgotten.
i still have this faraway dream of being a writer. but with how things goes and the way i write now i guess i should have decided and be one when i was in high school. because i write so much better then. I should have looked at my dream seriously back when my english teacher cried at an examination essay that i had written. i even lost that masterpiece. as i grew up to be more practical i lost that strong sense of imagination when i was a kid. When i was in primary school, i used to love whenever they have essay test or exam. Back then, i didnt even realize that i was writing. I was lost in the world that i created. the people that i created. the story that i created. writing is what i do best back then.
i miss that. i wonder if i can go back to that. perhaps i should drop everything and stay home any try to make up stories. the house that i live in now is perfect for that kind of work.
well that was just a dream
I dont think its practical to go on chasing dream.
perhaps i can chase it if i'm still breathing after i reached my retirement age.


25 February 2010

Three days ago i went to my parent's house and my mother told me that my cousin went to Indonesia for work. I immediately became quite frustrated with my life. the reason is, unlike my cousin I had a degree. but it didnt get me anywhere yet. so the next morning i whine to liza about it. about how i never get to go anywhere inside the country for work let alone abroad. I mean look at us, we had LLB and look at what we are doing right now. and we just laughed bitterly about it. haha.
I rarely went for holiday. the last real holiday was when i go to penang. after that any other holiday is simply unaffordable. if i were to go on a business trip all expenses are paid for and even though its for work i still get to see the place.
Anyway, after lunch my master called me in and said "is your car in good condition to drive to JB?"
I cant imagine how i feel at that time. but i did smiled happily and it follows that i said that its in good condition (even though i dont really know).

To cut the long story short, yesterday I drove 435KM to JB. Its the first time ever I drive by myself anywhere that far. Its not that my parent didnt allow me to do so. its just that i never had the opportunity. so we cross country from Selangor to JB back and forth in one day. Cant imagine how tired i am but i am a happy girl.
On that morning i brought the map of malaysia. i got online to check the exact location of the place we are going and checked the weather for the day (because i want to know what to wear). Its was confirmed later that it was very very sunny for the whole day up to 33 degrees. the only thing i regret was that my shades is still in the optic shop. I was fully prepared and after two pit stops and nearly four hours later here i am:Puteri Harbor, Kota Iskandar, Nusajaya.

I cant believe that this is actually the ocean and the whole green patch at the back is actually Singapore. The friend that i was travelling together and myself is very frustrated that we cant get to Singapore because we didnt have passports. I told him to make one since he's already a lawyer unlike me. Anyway sorry about the poor shot, I'm using my phone camera coz i didnt have the time to borrow the real one from parents.
Then we went to eat at the harbor in the pictures:

I get myself Seezhuan chicken and orange juice. Its actually ayam masak kicap. but its nice and the price is RM10 for the food and RM5 for the juice. but RM10 is ok considering i'm eating at a place like this harbor facing the ocean and a ll the boats and this view:

Then we went on for our important meeting here:

Then we went back. I didnt drive on the way back even though i dont mind doing it. I craved for all the rural foods and felt quite frustrated that we didnt have time to explore and find a place where we can eat fresh seafood or anything. So on the way back we stop at Jejantas Ayer Keroh but they didnt have much food there except kerepek. Then we stop at Seremban because the shopkeeper in Seremban said thats where good food is and i had this:
Price: difference than at our place. My advice is when you get out of town eat where the people eat and not where the travellers eat.
plus, it doesnt taste insanely good like i want it to be. dont eat at R&R.
Got home at 10.30pm. and immediately passed out at 11pm. Haha, 8 hours of driving back and forth...two hours of meeting. total = 10 hours! to work now (damn i really love having broadband at home).

Queen of The Game

23 February 2010

Several days ago i went out to buy any DVD to watch. I have no idea what movies exactly that i wanted to buy. I have several missing episodes of Naruto that i wanted to watch. Interested with a few movies. but then i decided to get this Korean series. title: Queen of The Game. quite nice story by the way. enhanced with handsome main male character. i dont know the name of the guy but if anybody ask me what kind of guy that i can drool over its the type of the guy that he played. the character and the look included. Anytime that I am free i had this series to watch until it ended. Since I dont have astro at home i prefer to buy cheap series as tv entertainment.

Anyhow, my life has become quite stabilized now compared to immediately when the exam is over. Not financially but i can say that the dust is quite settled. Therefore I am content until the next turmoil.


12 February 2010

So i woke up at 7.30 just now. the room is too warm. i just took a less than 30mins nap and already sweating profusely. so i went to pray and get ready to buy 'roti john' across the street downstairs. my house is on the 3rd floor (topmost) and what i saw when i came down is an empty street! where is roti john? where is kuey teow? nasi lemak?
arghhhh.....this is CNY not MNY!
i'm hungry and moody (always happen if i fell asleep on the evening).
Some jerk had switch off my water supply and i had to turn it back on. then i had to climb back up to take my car key. if only i've got a maid who can come up and down for me. take my stuff when i got back from work. iron my clothes. (okay there is no connection here to whatever i was saying).
so here i am, at the cyber cafe. one of the few thats still open in serdang. by the way i think the wrong people got too excited on the celebration and close all businesses. as what happen above.
i'm just whining here. truth is i'm quite pleased with my life right now.
as i had wrote previously, opportunity isnt hard to come by. i've decided to grab that opportunity by the way.
already filed my pupillage yesterday. and filed 3,4,5 today. registered for legal aid, served form 1,2 to all those places. all are in order. i'm very very pleased. my hurt feelings already gone the moment i started getting so busy to get everything in order.
kay, i wont write any further coz i'm hungry and i havent eaten the food i bought from one of the few restaurants that opened in serdang tonight.
by the way, i knew most shop will close tonight and until the celebration is over. hence, i already bought my supply of groceries and the most important thing DVDs! to occupy me this holiday. plus all the books i havent finished.

How do i DO?

09 February 2010

I opened my own blog just now and saw kak fiza's message. She's asking me how i'm doing. I just smiled as I sat here writing in the cyber cafe (Ya Allah, bila la nak dapat internet sendiri ni).
The closest I want to get at revealing my personal life in my own blog is that the life that i'm in right now is not all cloud nine. In fact, i expect this kind of life the moment i entered my fourth year. I'm not surprised that it did turn out exactly like i imagined but i'm quite disappointed that i couldnt handle it better than i did. Although all the people who know my stories said i handled it very well. well anyway, i'm quite hurt against the world that i had to start all over again. Although opportunity in chambering are'nt hard to get....i'm just unsatisfied against the fact that I who hated any form of failure had to call it quit and start all over again. Well, its not exactly too late or even late. but i just hate it. people asked me where i'm going next. All i can say is that i have quite a few places to go. Now is not the time to write about it....yet.