Gung Ho

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

So, basically I have no idea whether I had lost my life or not. so i simply had no inspiration to write about my life in the real 'life' sense (whatever that is). I decided to just write about how my driving was everyday. now that i'm 'working' (slaving?) it involved a lot of driving. I kinda love getting lost so that i can learn new ways on the road but its no longer so once my travel claim is cut to nearly half.
I freaked my boss out with my driving style. since i live in the gung-ho-est place in Selangor i pick up my driving lessons from all other gung-hos on the road. so when another gung ho tried to sneak up in front of me after he/she had cut the long queue of traffic jam i'd say "see you tomorrow" and ruthlessly guarding my position on the 50th line. thats freaked my boss who sat on the back. and I am positive that he will never hire me as his chaffeur again.
My car also suffered a two months of muteness. where the horn is not working due to my hyper tension when i punch the horn. its because whenver another gung ho tried to act gung hoer with me i just punch that horn with all my heart and imagine that the horn was that driver. so I repented during the two month of muteness and once it was repaired (total cost = RM180) I no longer are very keen on honking. but i did honked for the first time near the klcc traffic light because the car in front of me was not aware that it had truned green. and it was the sound of music.
after that i rarely honked. yesterday there was this girl tried to enter my lane without even looking and i who's always driving fast had to do this purposeful emergency brake. but i didnt honked (er...honk?). i think its more fun if i CUCUK-ed her for the next 5minutes.
Putrajaya has a lot of traffic light. I wanna say that i did break most of the rules but i cant confirm whether it is true or not. what more with a kid getting arrested due to his arson confession on facebook etc. but i can vouch that another car is undecisive whether he wanted to langgar that traffic light or not. and I being innocent (haha) and quite unaware of the existence of traffic light due to being a newbie in town nearly bumped really bad into his car. my tyres screeched really loud. but i didnt bump into that car. but its enough for me to think 'serve your right' towards that car and i hope he's scared (totally unrepentant).
another time i had to deliver a bundle of documents to court jalan duta. i freaked my boss once more. i can sense that i am not invited to court anymore. huhu. not that i mind because i had something else to concentrate now. but i did reached duta bus terminal and everywhere at jalan duta but the court. so 10 minutes to 9am i went to kl central and paid rm14 to a taxi to bring me right in front of the court. i dunno whether its because of my scary face at that time but the guards let me inside the court gate. Afiq went and take the bundle and since I'm already in i thought why not park at the really exclusive carpark inside. so i parked there. then i ask the guard 'encik, boleh ke orang awam parking kat sini?' in my most innocent face (while wearing full lawyerly suit).
and he said "sebenarnya tak boleh" then i said "abes ape jadi kalau org awam park kat sini" he said "sepatutnye memang diorang takleh masuk pun" then i said " macam mane encik tau ada orang awam parking kat sini?" then he said "kalau tak ada sticker lawyer maknanye bukan lawyer la....cik ni lawyer kan?" i was thinking that he thought i was interrogating him about orang awam's car but i said while grinning mischievously "oh, saya takde sticker" then he said "bile cik nak ambil sticker" then i said "lambat lagi....(actually maybe around next year..ahah)...tapi saya dah parking dah...dekat dalam petak parking" then he, being totally confused with my motive "oh kalau dah parking takpe la....tak lama lagi cik nak ambil sticker kan?" then i just smiled and said "takpe ke ni? tak kene clamp ke?" then he said "takdelah" then i said "ok terima kasih encik" and just walk away smiling.
well, i'm just thinking this is a good practice for a newbie like me. you interrogate the people working at the court. small steps towards interrogating people in the court and get the answer that you want.
I may sound a bit cocky here. but let me pop the bubble and say that this is my driving experience which is almost unrelated to my real life as a would be chambering student (not a pupil until 29th).