Exam syndrome is back

16 October 2009

The reality is I have a lot of things to settle before revision week. And i Dont even think that I will have any proper time to study (as usual) and I will then end up depending on my luck (as usual).
That being said, i still feel like i need to do something to kill time thats already dead. I dont feel like doing that alone but i am quite choosy in selecting company. And the company that i want had some affairs to handle.
other people that i like is either too far away or i am just too shy to ask.
So, after paying RM20 fine at legal Unit (i dont want to comment on this), I feel like doing something. asked a friend to come with me and watch Papadom but the answer is negative.
I dont feel like driving too far and stuck in traffic jam alone.
decided to check Wangsa Walk out.It opened officially today(?). I know the cinema is yet to be opened but i just want to see whats it's all about.
Well, its quite boring so far. Perhaps the only main attraction is the soon to be opened cinema. I suggest anyone going there to not wear any heels. luckily i wore my shoes. its literally a 'walking' place with 'hilly' pathways and stairs.
I dont like the layout of the place. but it has some interesting places to people NOT like me such as TGI Fridays, Secret Recipe, Popular. I checked their FOS out but the garments are boring and small. Went to Guardian, Vitacare and Cold Storage to find a shower cap but oddly they have none.
I mean, if u cant get a shower cap from pharmacy or supermarket where else can you find it? I explored every inch of the place. thought if interesting shops came out later and the cinema open it might turn out to be really nice.
but i guess it will be filled with juniors. seniors like us will leave soon enough. not that i envy that at all since it will just be an excuse for them to be stupider in life.
Bought two Rotiboy and ate while driving back. And I was thinking now that even if I went out to do something really fun rather than checking out the boring place I would still be hollow.
Perhaps its my annual exam syndrome. talking about that, why is it so hard to find my man? Is it really true that i must go to the next one million people to find that one in a million since i'm already one in a million person in this million?

The Dark Lord of My life

Siapakah lelaki yang selalu berdiri di sebelah saya selain Hafiq sepanjang 4 tahun di AIKOL?
Jawapan: Dark Lord

Kepada Dark Lord,
kehadiran anda di sebelah saya amat menghairankan dan creepy. siapakah anda di mata saya? tiada siapa siapa.
Ya, mungkin orang lain suka berada di sebelah anda (kot). tetapi saya terasa pelik.
kalaulah anda membaca post saya ini
kalaulah anda boleh faham

Anda tidak mungkin menjadi kawan saya kerana apabila saya terfikir bahawa anda suka berdiri di sebelah saya secara pelik, mana mungkin anda menjadi kawan saya?

Apakah yg bermain di fikiran Dark Lord sepanjang 4thn ni apabila dia berdiri di sebelah saya? sungguh misteri.

Wahai Dark Lord, kehadiran anda di sebelah saya tidak mencabar saya. abaikanlah segala usaha anda.

Okay, mungkin semasa saya hingusan saya ada membuat silap terhadap anda. tetapi saya sudah berasa bersalah dan sudah melupakannya. apa lagi yg anda mahu?

tidak bolehkah anda melupakannya? saya bukannya perempuan yg boleh mematahkan hati anda. banyak lagi perempuan lain yg jauh lebih hebat.

Tidak, saya tidak tertarik dengan anda walau apa pun taktik anda. haha.

Selamat tinggal Dark Lord. lupekan je la saya. haha

Hai, kalaulah aku mempunyai kekuatan untuk mengatakan sendiri semua ini kepada Dark Lord.