Oh trivial problems

06 January 2014

I need a place to rant about my trivial problems. The moment I wrote that preceding sentence I feel that I should probably change my mind. I probably won't rant. My trivial problems are:

(a) This morning a woman driving a Myvi drove like crazy which drove ME crazy to the point that I hit a motorcyclist using my sidemirror. Had to use my stering lock to open it up again while driving and waving at the motorcyclist at the same time. angry with the crazy woman and angry with myself;
(b) the opponent came late. which is nothing but it add up to my already gloomy mood;
(c) finally got to eat at my favorite breakfast restaurant but there is no seat inside and I had to sit out in the open and the getting hotter sun. alone. which is nothing except the out in the open in the sun part. tried to humor myself that I need this occasional sunbathing. Not really working;
(d) so I sat with the sun behind me which is also made me unable to see my car and concentrate on the food but when I am done and quickly turn to my car the MBSA people had came with incognito white car and had JUST gave me a ticket when I came. Its getting better;
(e) suddenly the place went crazy and everybody is removing their cars which cause standstill in the area;
(f) I took the ticket and crumpled it without looking at it and threw a bulls eye inside the trash can 3 meters away;
(g) ops someone was watching so I gave the newspaper shopkeeper a winning smile. that feel good;
(h) then I drove away and remember that I just got a ticket. not good;
(i) driving with unsatisfactory feelings and feel like I should do some retail therapy but who I am kidding? I am not those rich folks. Even if I shop at Daiso I would unnecessarily spend at least RM50 just like that and I can't afford to throw away RM50 (roll eyes);
(j) finally I just drove straight to office with just one stop in a newly opened pet shop very near to my office to buy my cat's food. The shopkeeper and the name of the shop looks terribly familiar but when I ask him whether he had another shop near a restaurant named "horizon garden" he kept denying it;
(k) not satisfied, after I already paid my purchase I told him that the decor of this shop is exactly the same with the shop nearby (which I secretly dislike). He finally admitted that he had just moved to this area from the area I mentioned except he didnt noticed the restaurant with the name I mentioned. I was so angry with myself for having spent RM33 for pet food in his shop because I had confirmed that he is the same person whose poor customer service had me secretly vow not to buy from. And I've bought something from him after he went in a roundabout way of admitting that he had just moved! Which made me hate his guts more!

Okay, its a rant after all. But it was one of those days when trivial things affect you. But I feel better after letting it out of my chest. 

During the lunch hour I had an hour chat with my new clerk and she told me the usual problem that I've so many times heard from other new clerks (now ex-clerks) before her about the existing so called senior clerks. I did my best to pacify her and to help her understand the situation being the survivor of the same ordeal before myself (except I was the one who finally gained the upper hand. tehee). I don't think I did much good. I think I've stopped trying too hard even though she is by far my best clerk. Surprisingly, this does not affect me too much. I have accepted that I cannot stop people from getting the greener grass just because they made my grass so much greener. That would be selfish. So I felt good about being able to let go whenever that may be. Don't ask me why, but my mood do go up and down like that. I think I am wired differently somewhere than other humans.