Aladdin the Musical - Why am I interested?

10 November 2011

So I was minding my own business i.e trying my best not to do my real life job when I received an email from the All Malaysian Bloggers Project saying that because I am a member of AMBP (as indeed I am) I could end up going to Aladdin the Musical in Sunway Lagoon on the 25 November 2011 if I blog about it? 

Well I figure this is my chance to prove (yet again) to my 8 years old youngest sister (Shamin) that I am her coolest sister ever if I could bring her to the musical (besides, I do have to blog something anyway):
This was Shamin in 2008
Shamin in 2010

You have to give the kid the experience, she went to her first movie in the cinema during the last Hari Raya Puasa which is barely 3 months ago (for the record, her first movie is Cowboy vs Aliens)! I thought I'd get her 'cultured' at watching and listening something else than Astro and staring at her PSP 24/7 since books didn't get her going (sigh...unlike me). I guess it will take forever to wait for her to touch the Arabian Nights by Sir Richard Francis Burton.
Anyway, she did watched Aladdin on Disney Channel, no doubt about that. Its just that I'd like to introduce new things to her or just to have the satisfaction of spending more time with my youngest sibling since I don't live with the family. Besides, I can't shake off the thought of getting that free tickets (couldn't get better hint than that) and inspiring awe in the eyes of my sister.
The musicals in Sunway Lagoon did received good review (also here). So I guess there is also no harm for me to also experience new things (I went to a musical once during the 'Ice Age' I just don't remember what is it about). So do me a favour will ya? Get me that free tickets and I'll write all about it here.