Pre Trip of the Year

22 December 2010

I have just collected my new toy from my cousin today. It's a portable hard disk.

Western Digital My Passport Essential 500GB (white colur)

I will not elaborate more. Just read the review here.

I have been needing a new one since forever. My old cliptec hard disk are already full and very fragile. I could lose my valuable data anytime. Hence, this new hard disk. It will serve as a place where I can store important files. My old hard disk will serve as the place where I store mp3, movies and other temporary files.
I am not so sure about the market price. I guess it is around RM200 - 300. However, I got it at a staff price because my cousin work in WD. I think I will not mention my price here as it is not the true market price.

Now onto my excitement of the year which is about to start. As you all probably know already I shall be on holiday starting 25 December. I am going to Singapore together with my friend Liza. Our topmost plan is to go to Universal Studio. Although I really wish we could be there; I didn't pile my hope rocket high that we will actually be there. I checked online tickets three days ago and all tickets from 25 up until 28 are already sold out. We are rooting for the walk in ticket. I have thought about buying the tickets online long before this, the only thing stopping me is the unavailability of credit card. I have no credit card and is not planning to have one either. I thought about borrowing from friends or family but due to high SGD currency rate I have no heart to impose on anyone.
Apart from having the fun of my life, I also plan to visit major shopping places in Singapore and would like to enjoy the special price as reported by everyone. I am a bit skeptical nevertheless;. Due our short holiday duration I intend to make full use of the time we will be having in Singapore. Due to that, I made some research about the place I want to go, things that they are selling and how to travel about. I definitely do not want to waste time getting lost or figuring out what I want to buy in the first place. I found out that things are more expensive in Singapore than in Malaysia. However, I want to give it the benefit of the doubt and see it for myself. I shall come out with my full expenses list and everything that I have done or buy once I am back from Singapore. 
Just a little info to add to the mystery: I spend less than a total of  RM500 for my to and fro trip from KL to Singapore from 25 until 28.
Please pray for my safe journey and return.

As always

13 December 2010

Me against the world...

山崎まさよし - One More Time, One More Chance

06 December 2010

5 Centimeters Per Second

5 Centimeters Per Second. Impeccable CGI coupled with fascinating storyline. Kind of made me remember my childhood years. haha. I just love this story.

Today at work

02 December 2010

Long Call is best summed up as this

01 December 2010