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09 November 2010

I got excited waiting for the coming weeks and months ahead where a few of my friends, best friend and special sister are getting married. Most people have no idea that I love to be involved in a wedding in whatever ways (provided I like that person). For a wedding of those who are special to me, I will share with them all my contacts and information on where to get wedding accessories, make-up artiste, wedding card printer, fresh flowers arrangement etc etc. I also know places such as shops and warehouses for door gift and trays for wedding 'hantaran' (or dowry?).
However, I sometime become quite generous and feel like sharing some (not all) of my secrets with my few readers and I will do so in a short while.
My idea of an ideal wedding is definitely not the same as your ideal wedding. Nevertheless, my idea might be applicable in some parts if not a big part of your wedding.
My idea of an ideal wedding is to have all the best things in the country with the best price. Definition of best price is cheap. Cheap includes transportation cost, time and energy wasted. Best things are the things of high quality and can be used for a long long time. It may also includes rare things or brand that majority people do not use.
Well please do not mistake my idea of an ideal wedding with my dream wedding. I have no dream wedding. Like I told most of the people I met in life, I rather post a big advertisement on a major newspaper with our wedding picture announcing we are married and prior to that just get married in a mosque without any reception than spend thousands just for a wedding.
Oh but please don't be so disturbed with my bizarre ideas. I mean that is just me. You might not be able to pull it off anyway.
And let us go on with our main objective here. Despite my own personal opinion, I do so much love going shopping for a wedding. I can balance my personal opinion with your personal opinion and just enjoy the whole process anyway. Okay, that was a bit exaggerated. I do actually feel disturbed with your idea of an ideal wedding if it is too alien than my ideal wedding.
Oh why can't I just keep this post innocently gushy and purely about wedding without blurring the image with my dark ideas and thoughts.
Sorry guys. Now let us go on to our real objective ( I know I am saying this the second time). Here we go, sites that I like and would really love it if other people benefit from it:

If you are looking for branded cosmetics, home and fashion items for your hantaran, head on to these warehouse sales between this 9th to 15th November 2010:

These are the sites that I followed because of their original and affordable ideas of a wedding:

So thats all that I can share online. Quite a number of my contacts are not available online. I might consider becoming a wedding arranger (not a planner ok) if the pay is right. lol.
Anyway, I hope you benefited from this post and have a wonderful wedding.

With Love,


(now thats rare).


NurLuLu said...

Sayangku Sarah,

Lama kita tak menyembang.

Akak pun suka gak menyibukkan diri dengan majlis kahwin orang ni, tapi keja akak belakang tabir je. Bab2 mengipas orang, jadi pengapit, awal2 akak surrender. Haha.

Sarah bila lagi? ehem ehem

Sarah CJ said...

ahahahah. gelak dulu.
siapa yang patut kahwin dulu? saya ke kak fiza?