01 November 2010

My pupillage will end in 11 days. I filed my petition on 11 February. My last day is on 11/11/10. Love the date.
Anyway, I went through a lot. My life course changed dramatically. Quite far than what I have planned for myself.
Before, I thought I just want to end my chambering. Then just join public service. Like I said before, I had some jobs that I can push myself into. I already had a home for myself. If I joined I can pay for my mother's house and stay there.
Even if I don't join I can still find a job in my area and still live in that house.
The firm offered me. At first I refused. Right after that I send out my resumes to 42 firms around my area. Although I stated my availability for December some firms did called anyway and asked me to come for an interview. I thought that would be my life for a while. Then unexpectedly the big boss feigned ignorance and offered me the second time. Much as my friend wanted to believe that the last time i was being misunderstood, I know I wasn't misunderstood.
But it was a second chance anyway.
After going to a few interviews, I know this would be the best firm for me for the time being. I hate going to big firms. I never want to go to big firms. If I am going to be a lawyer at all, I want to be so in a place where I can be challenged and learn a lot of things happily.
So I asked for one month to think. My boss gave me 7 days.
I took the whole 7 days. Weighed my options (which I managed to obtain by the way). On the 7th day I submit my acceptance to this firm and rejection with another firm.
I had to move to a room near my office. It's to save cost. I had to leave a place where I am free to do whatever I want by myself and be comfortable and live in a smaller place with strangers.
I am quite saddened but I know it is necessary. By this time I no longer know what is waiting for me in life.
I am quite lost as to the future. But I saw the present clearly. I am now taking my chance and grabbed the best option that I had. All I know is I just had to brace it by myself.


najlaa haridan said...

woot woot. congrats sarah. finally..after 9 months. phewww. hehe.

Sarah CJ said...

thanks najlaa....when r u finishing. Mesti dah nak abes jugak kan kan. hehehe. aku g long call kat shah alam.