I'm supposed to sleep

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

But I decided to write here first.
I cannot help but feel that time moved ever so slowly on the chambering part of my life. Which is almost my whole life at the moment.
I considered of not practicing once i completed chambering. instead....i may want to do this:

well, i thought it could be fun.

But after a few hours research I think I have to stomach the fact that it is the same as any other businesses that requires perseverance, capital, risk, losses and for sure tight competition before it can work out.
I am not sure if I am disheartened. I think it wont do for me to give up so easily on anything. I know that if i ever put my whole heart into it, anything can work out.
but at the moment my heart or my mind...is quite all jumbled up with indecisions.
or I may joined government.
I have received the result for my SPA exam that i sat for last April.
I got one job. But i must go through second stage before i got it for real. Liza said i am born for that job(i'm paraphrasing) but i am not so sure about the physical test.
actually i got called for interview for another job that i have mentioned in my previous post. so we can say that I got two jobs for my SPA.
I read that some people even managed to pass for FIVE job. whereas some people failed again and again.
all i know is...the time is now if i want to start doing anything.
While i am still figuring that out, might as well finished chambering. but why oh why it had to be that long. i know i should be lucky that we dont have to do one whole year....but still...i'm here not there.
yeah i know, i am the one who said that i wanted this adventure.

Btw, the bridal dais and all the hantaran is open for reservations. At the moment I just have whatever that you saw on the picture. the price can be negotiated. I can assure that the price is reasonable and almost similar to other people offering the same service on blogspot. I'm thinking of opening a separate blog for this business, however i am quite busy and it must start somewhere. so here it is.
Do contact me via email (you can find my email on this blog) or just leave a comment.


Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Today I discovered a new eating spot. The name is Middle East Chinese Muslim Restaurant. Its just downstairs!!!
I love Middle East food
I love Chinese food
Go figure how this restaurant menu worked out for me :D

The story goes like this:
This morning, I almost died out of shock when I opened my door to go to work when a brochure just slipped under my feet (I usually do that if i have fallen into the habit of expecting nothing under my door). It was an advertisement for the restaurant downstairs. When I come down, the ad is all over the stairs. its on the wiper of my car too.
I made a mental note to try their food whenever I can.
I came home today and felt an overwhelming curiosity.
So I walked into the restaurant. I like an empty restaurant. I have a feeling that given a few more days this place will be packed (there goes my parking space).
There were so many choices on the menu. So I asked the owner whats special for the day. He told me that its Chicken Haneeth. I asked whats that. its chicken and rice. I tried asking for more details but he's in difficulty trying to explain to me. btw, he's from Lebanon. the co-owner is a Chinese from China.So Chicken Haneeth is RM10. I ordered Chinese Suan Mei Juice for a drink. its RM4.
I'am expecting a plate of briyani and chicken. instead i got this:I cant even take the whole picture because the entire serving is so huge. The moment he placed it under my nose I gasped. Its so HUGE. Its not a plate of briyani, its a TRAY of briyani plus a quarter sized chicken. They beat Kenny Rogers price.
I immediately asked: err, can i take away? the owner just laughed and asked me to try and eat it first. I tried. but i only managed to eat half of the chicken and a quarter of that rice (having had a heavy meal inside Penjara Sg Buloh for my Legal Aid program just a few hours before that).
I'll remember to bring a friend or came for two in one meal the next time i come.
OMG i cant wait to be able to tray all of its menu.
They even had all middle eastern desserts sold at RM1 per piece (or RM30/kg).

So, any of you interested in eating here, do give me a call. I'll be happy to join you. Coz i'm just upstairs.
I even told the owner that I'm from upstairs. and he said he'll be expecting to see a lot more of me from today onwards....ngeee :D

I am the happiest person alive.