12 February 2010

So i woke up at 7.30 just now. the room is too warm. i just took a less than 30mins nap and already sweating profusely. so i went to pray and get ready to buy 'roti john' across the street downstairs. my house is on the 3rd floor (topmost) and what i saw when i came down is an empty street! where is roti john? where is kuey teow? nasi lemak?
arghhhh.....this is CNY not MNY!
i'm hungry and moody (always happen if i fell asleep on the evening).
Some jerk had switch off my water supply and i had to turn it back on. then i had to climb back up to take my car key. if only i've got a maid who can come up and down for me. take my stuff when i got back from work. iron my clothes. (okay there is no connection here to whatever i was saying).
so here i am, at the cyber cafe. one of the few thats still open in serdang. by the way i think the wrong people got too excited on the celebration and close all businesses. as what happen above.
i'm just whining here. truth is i'm quite pleased with my life right now.
as i had wrote previously, opportunity isnt hard to come by. i've decided to grab that opportunity by the way.
already filed my pupillage yesterday. and filed 3,4,5 today. registered for legal aid, served form 1,2 to all those places. all are in order. i'm very very pleased. my hurt feelings already gone the moment i started getting so busy to get everything in order.
kay, i wont write any further coz i'm hungry and i havent eaten the food i bought from one of the few restaurants that opened in serdang tonight.
by the way, i knew most shop will close tonight and until the celebration is over. hence, i already bought my supply of groceries and the most important thing DVDs! to occupy me this holiday. plus all the books i havent finished.


Nurul Zahar said...

Finally, u made some updates hehe. Go go Sarah. Live life to the fullest!