Goodbye Room

Friday, September 26, 2008

Hmmmm, Raya is around da corner and i am going back to my parent's place this afternoon (cuz now is 2.32 in the morning). I just finished watching a really cute movie. forgot the title already. Anyway, here i am feeling quite blue that i am gonna leave my sanctuary for many many days. urgh it seems like i'll be gone so long. the thing is I LOVEEEEE MY ROOM. cant help it. this is where i really function. this is the only place where i can sleep. no where, not even in a five star hotel room can be the same like my own bed. well it doesnt matter that we change room every year. the point is i have my own space. the whole idea made me comfortable, relax, at peace. anyho, i am so gonna miss my bed for this few days to come. i am so not gonna tido mati anywhere else. haha. so just now, to show how deeply i felt for my bed, i took its picture so that i am not gonna miss it so much. hey, i am not a freak, who ask u to read it here? this place is called RHAPSODY for heaven's sake. i also took my desk pic cuz i basically spend my time in the room either on the bed but mostly in front of the laptop and do my things. i even read lecture notes on laptop and even do all my tutorials on it. hey i think its a good way to save ink and paper. i just dont get it why people stereotyped that when you do anything on computer that means its a lot of work. basically they're just noob. well my desk kinda have a lot of stuff going on there. oh well thats how i most like it so its just gonna stay that way. most of the times i cant even write on it. not that i ever have to write on it. lol. my pillows dont have their pillowcases since i put it in washing machine last night. oh thats another story, people were lining just to get to that machine OMG. but i manage to do it two rounds. hahah. of course, we dont wanna bring our dirty laundry to go to hometown. its dirty.

whats new? oh well i send Raya Cards to (almost) all of my lecturers even the ones whom i didnt think like me very much. there was two lecturers that i didnt get the opportunity to convey the cards. i like both of them. the cards are with me. i just thought its a once a year opportunity and why not i just grab it to seek forgiveness in the easiest way since i am not that apologetic person. one of my fav lecturer thanked those who send him cards but he didnt actually said cards so it might as well be me. ahaks. i did gave a few people cards as well but i mostly targeted lecturers coz i need all the blessings i can get for my final since this semester i was more lost than previous semesters. plus, i did think i misbehaved too much. a few times i let my opinions slipped out of my mouth. i have gotten myself too comfortable when i should've kept my guard. i did sincerely seek forgiveness from my friends too and i really meant it. there are a few people that i cant seem to gather enough strength and desire to apologize. mainly thats because i didnt feel too guilty. but despite that, i do feel really bad coz i know what i am missing. but i just cant. just cant. but if i die today or tomorrow please do forgive me, i just cant help myself.


Saturday, September 20, 2008

I didnt sleep last night. Yesterday i had a land law test at 3pm-4pm. then i went to bukit bintang to check out one of many warehouse sales. came back to gombak before buka puasa. had a buka puasa with Liza in my fav kedai makan. its a fav because for rm25 (total 2 persons) we get to eat nasi and various lauk plus drink and manage to get our stomach full. then went back to my room, clean up, pray, went to basic counseling class at 9.30pm. by 1200am today i am back in my room and decided to have a movie marathon. i dont quite remember what exactly i had watched cuz i definitely arent quite myself now. but i remember watching 'chocolat' while eating cadbury assorted chocolates that tasted like heaven. that was some movie 'chocolat'. 3 out of 5 from me. then i watched transformers! owh dat movie tuned me into my element. i was mesmerized.... 5 out of 5. brought back my childhood. i remember when we were kid, me and my bro will use our swords and fight each other around my grandfolk's house and me shouting 'TRANSFORMERS'! after that for all i know its 4.50ish am. and its sahur time.

and now here i am waiting for subuh. i plan to sleep after subuh to my heart's content.
forgive me of my movie marathon etc....its just i got rebellious after land law test cuz i slept like at 3am day before yesterday, woke up at 5, sleep...woke up at 9 and then study till 1pm...then get ready for land test and went for the test. so there...we got a full cycle! ahaks


Tuesday, September 16, 2008

What is ze purpose of life? is it to snatch away power? to reduce fuel price? to gain supporters?

I am really not a fan of politics. But today, i am perplexed. perhaps disgusted with whats happening around here.
I bookmarked one of famous online blog on politics that supports the other side of the fence. I couldnt make sense of what they are talking about. Its too ridiculous. Let alone reading the comments of their posts. Too emotional. Too vulnerable. Too shallow. Too Racist.
Not that i think there's a better deal on this side of the fence either.
so what am i? people who stand on the fence?
No, i didnt think i am just because i didnt support either side. truth is, i am not convinced.
I care about my country. I dont care dying while defending my country. I want my country to always be in peace. to be safe. to move forward. I want to contribute for my country. but not by following anyone.
perhaps, by just being myself. I dont create trouble, issues, just use our time to build ourselves. a nation with peaceful people, educated, happy.
but of course this would be impossible if there still exist people who create issues. so people like me have to react to that. like for example, writing a blog on it. lol.
All am saying, its not that we have to act like dumb and let nature took its course. of course, me myself always stood up for any injustice, always seeking greener pasture. but wouldnt be best if we dont appear outrageous? extravagantly dramatic? (wishful thinking).
i have little respect for people who dont walk the talk. if you dont walk, dont talk. Its better if u dont talk and make people like me worried and disturbed. know am sayin?
someone i know once said 'its better to stay quiet and appear bright when u are actually not, than start talking and let people know that u are dumb'
and a game i once played said 'light travel faster than light, which is why some people appear bright until you hear them talk'.
what im tryna say? ahah....i also dunno exactly. i am not politician whos so smooth with words.

They say, test your trait before testing your fate

Monday, September 15, 2008

Recently, i took out a personality test to determine what field of job suits me best. I was inspired (shockingly) with what i learn in my Basic Counseling Skill ii class. the lecturer mentioned that if we took SDS (self directed search) we can know about our suitable career and also about our personality.

I found out that i am an INTJ type personality. It was reported that famous people with this personality are Marie Curie, Stephen Hawking, Hilary Clinton, Arnold Schwarzenegger...etc..well not that i claim any credit for that. lol. anyway, what i want to stress is that, this psychology test does apart from telling me what i know about myself, confirm about who i am. I am glad that i know, i am in right track, studying law right now. not that i'm gonna change my course had it been different result. this is just for fun and its based on psychological research.

the test can be taken at:

spend your time reading various reports provided at the result page about your career personality and personality in general.

When u have discovered your profile type (eg: INTJ, ESTJ,ESTP...etc), u may open to read more about it.

another fun test is political performance indicator:

i found out that my political performance would be moderate at 66%. just like what i had expected since i am always moderate in this area. haha

14th Day of Ramadhan

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Its raining quite heavily here in UIA. I was wondering whether we (me and roommates) would be able to buy our food for buka puasa on time. It's quite ridiculous to go out to Pasar Ramadan to buy food when its raining and yet its necessary. i definitely have no intention of buying food from our cafe. no way man!
Weekend is almost over and i have not seen any progress done to my countless works apart from organizing them. Now its organized, but its not done. I mostly spent my time wondering how to complete that tasks but never actually set on doing it. how pathetic is that? At most i only sat there, books in hands, trying to start but later i gave up. huhu
Currently there's a pile of three tasks of three subjects need to be done at least before monday. and its not done! Will i complete it tonight? dunno.
Today, i slept at 3am and woke up for sahur at 5am. After that i spent time in front of my laptop, configuring my blogs at blogspot. I have this intention to be active with my blogger. i went back to sleep at 9am. And when i finally decide to wake up, i cant believe myself that its 3.30pm.
I must be crazy. When was the last time i did something like this? woke up at 3pm? never! I feel like i have wasted my puasa. I went to bathroom and later prayed. Luckily i didnt miss Zohor.
My mind became numb and body slow due to all that sleeping. Hence, another excuse for not starting on homework. erk.
My roommates are currently sleeping. I'm gonna wake em up at 6pm if they go on sleeping and figure out about our food issue. I hope it stopped raining by then.

Roger and Out